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Take popular courses on edX and get credit from Charter Oak State College

Earn transferable credit toward a college degree

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We're partnering with Charter Oak State College, Connecticut's public online college, to provide students with a unique opportunity to be awarded transferrable credit for work completed in selected edX courses. This partnership will give students from all backgrounds an affordable and flexible way to earn college credit, track their accomplishments and work toward a degree. 

Why Choose Credit Through Charter Oak State College 

  • Accessible. Credit is available to all students who successfully complete the course. There's no admissions requirement or application necessary. 

  • Risk Free. Choose to receive credit only after you've completed the course. There's no upfront cost, other than the Verified Certificate fee. 

  • Affordable. For only $100 per credit hour you can earn transferable credit for a fraction of the cost of a traditional four-year institution.

  • Official Credit Transcript. Through Charter Oak State College you'll receive an official record to use when applying to degree programs or on your resume.

How To Receive Credit Through Charter Oak State College

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Enroll in the Verified Certificate track in a Charter Oak State College credit-eligible course from one of our members

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Work hard to successfully pass the course with an 65% grade or higher.

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When the course is over and you've passed, select the "Purchase Credit" option on your student dashboard.

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