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About this course

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What lessons can we learn from COVID-19? How was society organized leading up to the pandemic, and how could it be organized for the future? Regardless of your academic background, this curated series of expert lectures will help you explore health, climate change, and social justice in the COVID-19 era.

Learn with award-winning faculty members from the University of British Columbia. This course will bring a sociological lens to complex pandemic challenges, and aid in situating COVID-19 as a global issue that requires a collective, collaborative response.

What you'll learn

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This lecture series will challenge you to:

  • Connect your local COVID-19 experiences to global trends
  • Consider how ageism and racism are exacerbating the coronavirus
  • Assess COVID-19 impacts on existing health inequalities
  • Identify links between COVID-19 and climate change

The COVID-19 lecture series is curated by Dr. Katherine Lyon, who offers a brief introduction to each topic and suggested literature for further reading. Lectures are pre-recorded so you can watch at your own pace.

Lecture 1: COVID-19, Health (In)Equity, and the Opioid Crisis with Dr. Lindsey Richardson

Lecture 2: Aging, Aged, Ageism under COVID-19 with Dr. Anne Martin-Matthews

Lecture 3: Racism Under the Pandemic with Dr. Amanda Cheong

Lecture 4: Climate Change & COVID-19 with Dr. Santa Ono

Lecture 5: Frontline Workers & Pandemic Policies with Dr. Becki Ross

Meet your instructors

Dr. Katherine Lyon
Assistant Professor of Teaching
University of British Columbia

Learner testimonials

“[This lecture series] helped me process COVID-19 as it unfolded. I feel I have broadened, deepened and challenged my interpretation of pandemic events and impacts.”

“I appreciate how this course connected me with other curious minds (locally and globally) in this time of physical distancing.”