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Knowledge of corporate finance and basic credit analysis

About this course

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In this course, we will review multiple case studies and transactions to recognize how to select the best deal for an investment.

We’ll look at the different players in a deal and understand what the risks are.

This course is part of the New York Institute of Finance’s popular Project Finance and the Public Private Partnership Professional Certificate program.

What you'll learn

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  • Identify the main players in a deal.
  • Recognize the risks involved in various types of deals
  • Understand how to select a deal for investment
  • Lesson 1: Case A: U.S. Geothermal
  • Lesson 2: Case B: Airport Case New
  • Lesson 3: Case C: Toll Road Case
  • Lesson 4: Case D: AES Jordan Case
  • Lesson 5: Case U: Canada Schools
  • Lesson 6: Case P: Gas-Project Financing
  • Lesson 7: Case W: Ichthys LNG Project
  • Lesson 8: Case V: Guyana Goldfields
  • Lesson 9: Which Deal will you Invest in?
  • Lesson 10: Recap

Meet your instructors

Jeff Hooke
New York Institute of Finance