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About this course

Designing and creating skirts will teach learners how to design and make clothing by recording measurements from a person, and creating unique designs and made to measure garments.
Learners will understand how to record body measurements used to create skirts, and develop the knowledge and skills to adapt the basic blocks into unique designs, with activities to create different waistbands, pockets, openings, pleats, gathers and different skirt shapes and designs. Learners will develop the skills to create skirt patterns, adapting patterns to individual designs by use of fullness and manipulation techniques, and create specification sheets for commercial patterns and manufacturing. With tutorials in pattern making and sewing techniques learners will develop the skills to hand or machine sew garments to fit their own body shape, to develop the skills and knowledge to manufacture clothing, including fit analysis and adjusting the fit of clothing to fit the body shape and size. Gaining valuable knowledge in the art of made to measure clothing, and how to obtain a perfect fit of a garment.
Learners will gain appreciation of the history of design, fashion styles and design elements, to be able to design their own unique range of skirts for a specific body shape and size.
This course will prepare learners for a career within the fashion industry, gaining a foundation of knowledge to complete an undergraduate programme, or work within the fashion industry as a designer, pattern cutter, merchandiser or fit technologist. The skills obtained in this course will provide a foundation of core skills used within the fashion industry.

What you'll learn

·     How to use body measurements to make made to measure clothing
·     How to make patterns for specific garments
·     How to assemble garments
·     The history of fashionable skirt designs
·     How to design fashion garments
·     Week 1 – Understand how to record body measurements used to create skirts
·     Week 2 - Create a skirt block made from measurements, along with sewing a fitting sample and completing a fit analysis
·     Week 3 – Develop skirt adaptations; waist finishes, pockets, lengths, widths and fullness techniques. Along with educational content on fabrics which work for fashion garments.
·     Week 4&5 - Gain appreciation of the history of designer skirts and develop the skills to design a unique range of skirts using a template. Taking one skirt design and completing the industry specification sheet for production, creating the pattern and sewing a finished sample.

Meet your instructors

Tanya Dove
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Learner testimonials

·       Thank you Tanya for your amazing course! Agape Yi
·     Thanks for putting in so much effort on our learning, I have really learnt so much. Jenny Leung

Frequently asked questions

1.     Do I need experience in designing to do this course?
a.     No, we will teach you how to design, by also teaching you how clothes are made.
2.     Do I need a sewing machine?
a.     No, you can make a fitting sample by hand sewing and present a finished range of skirt designs instead of a finished sample if you choose.
3.     Can a man take this course?
a.     Of course, it is open to everyone! In history, men used to wear skirts.
4.     I am a large lady, can I take this course?
a.     This course teaches made to measure, so you can be any size, shape, height or age.
5.     Can a child take this course?
a.     Of course. This course can be completed by anyone old enough to use a hand sewing needle, under supervision if required.