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This course is designed for participants who have already taken SNAP Course 1 (Performance Assessment in the NGSS Classroom) or who have extensive experience using the NGSS Appendices E, F,and G and with analyzing the dimensions of a performance assessment. In order to receive a Statement of Accomplishment at the end of this course, you must complete all of the reflections and assignments (the required tasks are indicated on the course outline and they can be identified by having a note about the possible number of points asssociated with them). There are also questions embedded throughout the course that are prompts for your group to discuss and in those cases one team member can enter a response for the whole group.

What you'll learn

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  • Procedures for defining performance outcomes, selecting phenomena, and developing a task to meet a set of criteria for high-quality assessment.

  • Opportunities at two crucial points during the course to engage in a peer feedback process with another development team.

Meet your instructors

Jill Wertheim
Program Director, Stanford Center for Assessment
Stanford University
Cathy Zozakiewicz
Senior Research Associate, Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity
Stanford University

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to do this course with a group?

It can be very isolating to develop a performance assessment on your own, but it is possible to take this course without any other colleagues. It is preferable to at least find a colleague from another grade or subject who will develop their own task but who could meet with you for the face-to-face peer review sessions. It is possible to do the entire course without any colleagues, however, and to use the course platform to find a group for a peer review session via a video conference application (e.g., Skype).

How long does the course take?

We estimate that the whole course takes about 20-30 hours, though the length of the course is highly variable.

Can I use this course for professional development credit?

When you complete the course, you will be able to print a confirmation of course completion.