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Knowledge of corporate finance and basic credit analysis

About this course

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In this course, we’ll look at project documents – overview and types.

First, we’ll cover finance, security and support documents. Next, we'll cover rating agencies. The debt rating agencies are important in many project financing. We’ll also cover the loan syndication process and finally wrap up with a scenario where you’ll learn how to bring a distressed project back to life.

This course is part of the New York Institute of Finance’s popular Project Finance and the Public Private Partnership Professional Certificate program.

What you'll learn

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  • Recognize the additional contracts and documents that need to be created for a Greenfield project.
  • Identify the key role Ratings Agencies play in evaluating project risks and facilitating lender participation in project finance.
  • Recognize the participants and key success factors at each stage of the loan syndication process.
  • Identify operational and financial problems that can lead to project distress and default.
  • Understand how sponsors and lenders work together to attempt to restore project viability before considering their options in a formal default.
  • Lesson 1: Project Documentation
  • Lesson 2: Rating Agencies
  • Lesson 3: Loan Syndication Process
  • Lesson 4: Scenario: Project Runs into Serious Problems
  • Lesson 5: Recap

Meet your instructors

Jeff Hooke
New York Institute of Finance