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About this course

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In a volatile, uncertain, complex, hyperconnected and ambiguous world, business and innovation cycles are shrinking like never before. The life cycle of companies has been reduced to less than a third in the last 30 years.

The democratization of innovation has opened infinite possibilities for many people, companies and regions around the world. In particular, entrepreneurs and startups are taking advantage of the opportunities generated by the transformation that is taking place.

In this online course, you will understand how you can begin to develop these innovative and entrepreneurial skills, and thus apply them successfully.

This online course focuses on understanding the strategies, tools and basic concepts that entrepreneurs use to undertake market innovations and scale their ventures, generating value and disruption in many markets.

You will understand:

• How to validate a problem and its solution (Problem-Solution Fit)

• How to validate if a product has an acceptance in a market (Product-Market Fit)

• How to scale your ventures (Business Model Fit)

What you'll learn

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Identify basic concepts of innovative entrepreneurship to innovate and create value in the company

Determine strategies and tools that entrepreneurs and startups use to develop and undertake innovations

Explain how entrepreneurs can go from an idea to a product and scale it

Analyze innovation initiatives within the organization

Topic 1. Innovative entrepreneurship

1.1 Why are we in an entrepreneurship course?

1.2 Megatrends

Topic 2. Lean entrepreneurship

2.1 Problem-Solution, Product-Market, and Business Model Fit

2.2 Canvas business model, discovering and validating clients

Topic 3. Designing a business model

3.1 Types of business model

3.2 Pivoting and iteration

Topic 4. Corporate entrepreneurship

4.1 Corporate entrepreneurship and growth horizons

4.2 Entrepreneurship teams

Meet your instructors

Fernando Moya Dávila
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Luis Antonio Marquez-Heine
Director del Centro de Innovación y Emprendimiento Campus Santa Fe así como director del Full Time MBA desde Marzo 2017 en el EGADE Business School
Tecnológico de Monterrey

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