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About this course

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This is the fourth and last in a series of courses on financial technology, also called Fintech. This course provides an overview of the technology of payments, API, and in general Internet of Things.

The course is structured into four main modules.

  1. In the first one, we will learn how IoT devices and application programming interfaces (or APIs) are used in finance. APIs are becoming essential instruments in finance and most other industries, and API-based fintech firms are very popular nowadays. We will also discuss how APIs will revolutionize banking services through “open banking”. Finally, we will learn the standards used by financial institutions around the world to communicate with each other.
  2. The second module will focus on insurtech, the use of technology in the insurance industry.
  3. The third module will survey the payment industry, from the way payments are encrypted, processed, and settled.
  4. The fourth and final module will wrap up the course, and the entire fintech certificate. It will also provide a discussion of the future of fintech.

APIs and IoT are already a critical component of the backbone of the financial sector. Understanding the role they play is essential for any finance or tech manager, or student.

Financial professionals are often required or encouraged to continue their education to practice their profession. For some associations, this program may be used for Continuing Education Credits. Please check with your local or national organization if the program qualifies.

What you'll learn

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After you complete this course, you will walk out with a good grasp of the plumbing of the financial sector, and how new technological innovations like insurtech, APIs, and open banking will reshape the financial sector in the future. You will learn:

  • How APIs work, and how they are transforming the modern financial system, from open banking to API-based apps.
  • The inefficiencies of the current payment system, and how fintech firms are trying to change the world.
  • How IoT devices will change the insurance industry.
  • The future of Fintech

Week 1: IoT and Finance

- Internet of Things

- APIs and Finance

- Open Banking

- Insurtech

Week 2: Payments

- Mobile Payments

- Payment Processing

- Payment Encryption

- Financial system communication

- Cross-border payments

Week 3: The future of Fintech

Meet your instructors

Cesare Fracassi
Associate Professor of Finance
University of Texas at Austin