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About this course

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This course has the specific purpose to aid healthcare professionals interested in learning medical Spanish. We teach doctors the language to communicate when their patient’s visit takes place. This course not only helps you to greet patients but also interview them to find out the chief complaint.

The course is based on fundamental beginner language that enables students to communicate in the professional field with colleagues and patients. The course gradually develops to be completely taught in Spanish to create an immersion atmosphere to familiarize you with the use of the language.

What you'll learn

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  • Vocabulary for social communication and doctor-patient interaction.
  • Spanish language structures embedded in exercises to develop language skills.
  • Reading and writing to reinforce the topics and level of this course.
  • Latin American Mexican culture related to the medical field.

Module 1: Doctor’s introduction to colleagues in his/her new working place

Vocabulary: greetings and nationality. Personal pronouns, verb “ser”, verb “estar” and definite articles.

Module 2: Doctor’s patient introduction in his/her office

Vocabulary to describe physical characteristics and personality. Verb “tener” to express age. Indefinite articles. Numbers from 0 to 100. Colors.

Module 3: Doctor-patient interview part 1

Patient’s personal data. Vocabulary related to the doctor’s office. Verbs “ser” and “haber” to describe places and accessories. Singular and plural words.

Module 4: Doctor-patient interview part 2

Basic patient’s personal data. Vocabulary related to the family members. Possessive adjectives.

Module 5: Doctor-patient interview part 3

Basic patient’s personal data. Hospital’s organogram introduction. Numbers from 101 to 1000 and verb “tener” to express possession.

Module 6: Description of a person

Vocabulary to describe a person. Adjectives and question words.

Meet your instructors

Rocío Ríos Rojas
Language Center Coordinator
Universidad Anáhuac Xalapa

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