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About this course

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Medical science has its origins in Middle Eastern religion. Since its inception, the field of medicine continues to be a fascinating and mysterious world full of breakthroughs and advancements that benefit humankind. With the growing desire for health and longevity, innovation and technical achievements continue to drive the field of medicine.

Entering Gateway to Medicine, initiates to the medical field will be led into this new world. Participants will receive a basic background on the influence of the macro-environment on health, and the micro-molecular principles of diseases. Regardless of medical experience, students will gain a broad perspective of the medical field, illuminated by the expertise of researchers and medical professionals.



What you'll learn

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  • Disease, major symptoms and diagnosis
  • Basic knowledge of first-aid treatment
  • The importance of building a healthy lifestyle

  • 了解疾病的发生原理,主要症状和基本诊断过程

  • 学习常用急救常识和方法

  • 树立健康的生活方式

  • L01: Smog and Lung Diseases
  • L02: Pregnancy and Delivery
  • L03: Infants and Feeding
  • L04: Tumors
  • L05: Cardiorespiratory Resuscitation
  • L06: Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
  • L07:Mankind and Virus
  • L08:Helicobacter pylori (Hp) andGastrosis
  • L09:Sports and Injuries
  • Finals

  • 第一讲 十面霾伏——空气污染与肺疾患

  • 第二讲 你从哪里来——从妊娠到分娩

  • 第三讲 我该拿什么喂养你,我的宝宝——儿童营养需求与婴幼儿科学喂养

  • 第四讲 谈癌一定要色变吗?——带你认识肿瘤

  • 第五讲 黄金几分钟——急诊(心肺复苏)、灾难医学

  • 第六讲 人类的第一杀手——心血管疾病(动脉粥样硬化、高血压)

  • 第七讲 永不休止的战争——人类与病毒

  • 第八讲 胃酸杀不死的细菌——幽门螺旋杆菌与胃疾患

  • 第九讲 人体的运动与损伤——人体的运动功能

  • 课后习题

Meet your instructors

Ying Qiu
Associate Professor
Tsinghua University
Bogen Song
Associate professor of Tongji University
Tongji University
Shuang Chao
Associate chief physician of Changgeng Hospital affiliated to Tsinghua
Tsinghua University
Fei Wang
Associate chief physician of Changgeng Hospital affiliated to Tsinghua
Tsinghua University

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