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  • Some experience in the healthcare business
  • Basic mathematics concepts

About this course

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The Indian healthcare sector is garnering global attention. Be it the evolution of Indian pharmaceutical firms, low-cost hospitals or disruptive start-ups, the sector is a laboratory of myriad market forces impacting innovation, choices and societal welfare. At the same time, India continues to battle with an inadequate healthcare infrastructure and a rising disease burden.

This business course applies a strategic lens to the sector’s submarkets including hospitals, pharmaceutical firms and diagnostic equipment providers. You will examine the role of disruptive innovation and the ways in which public policy shapes the evolution of healthcare markets. With this framework, you will be able to evaluate which employer to join, which healthcare stocks to invest in, where the exciting business opportunities lie, and what are the unmet needs in this sector that can be addressed by a startup.

If you are a healthcare enthusiast, a part of the industry, a policy maker, an investor or an entrepreneur, this is the course for you.

What you'll learn

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  • Basic concepts in strategy applied to sub-markets within the healthcare sector
  • Competitive advantage and the role of resources in differentiating the successes from the failures
  • Corporate leader perspectives on the evolution of the various sub-markets in the sector
  • Hands-on experience of managerial dilemmas facing the sector through mini-case discussions

Week 1: Strategy Foundations 101
Introduction to basic strategy concepts, including Porter’s five forces, resource-based view, institution-based view and related notions

Week 2: The Indian Hospital Sector
Strategic overview of a specific sub-market in Indian healthcare

Week 3: The Indian Pharmaceutical Sector
Discussion of current and key trends in the sub-market

Week 4: The Indian Medical Devices and Diagnostics Sector
Case study discussion

Week 5: Disruptive Innovation and Regulation in Indian Healthcare
Interview with industry leader(s) across the Indian hospital, pharmaceutical and medical devices and diagnostics sectors

Meet your instructors

Chirantan Chatterjee
Former Faculty, Strategy
IIM Bangalore

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