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Ignorance! | 无知!

A course about ignorance, what it is, where it comes from, what people do with it, its roles in society and culture, and how to deal with it. New expanded version. | 这是一门关于无知的课程。无知是什么?无知从何而来?人们怎样处理无知?无知在社会和文化中扮演什么角色?我们该如何对待无知?这是新版本课程。...
This course is archived

Ignorance! | 无知!

A course about ignorance, what it is, where it comes from, what people do with it, its roles in society and culture, and how to deal with it. New expanded version. | 这是一门关于无知的课程。无知是什么?无知从何而来?人们怎样处理无知?无知在社会和文化中扮演什么角色?我们该如何对待无知?这是新版本课程。
8 weeks
3–5 hours per week
Instructor-led on a course schedule
This course is archived

About this course

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Ignorance! provides a comprehensive framework for understanding how people think about unknowns, how they deal with them, and even how certain kinds of ignorance are enshrined in cultures and social institutions. We’ll be taking you on a tour through ignorance in all its varieties and guises. Ignorance is everyone’s business. Ignorance is relevant to every discipline and profession, and to everyday life, both at work and at play.

No matter what domain you study or work in, this course will have something to offer to you.

We will explore questions about ignorance such as the following: Where does ignorance come from? How do we impose it on each other, and even on ourselves? And why? We usually think about ignorance as a bad thing, but when can it be preferable not to know something? What uses do people have for ignorance? What roles does ignorance play in social interaction, group relations, institutions, and law? Can ignorance sometimes be a virtue? When can ignorance be good or bad for us? How can we harness the unknown for learning, discovery, and creativity? How can we make good decisions under ignorance?

Your understanding of ignorance will be expanded via online games, discussion forums, opportunities to find out what your own “ignorance profile” is, additional readings, and Wiki materials. There also will be discussion threads specifically for those of you who want to apply understandings about ignorance to complex social and environmental problems. Knowing more about ignorance will help you to manage it and work with it. It also will help you in dealing with the unexpected, with complex problems, and even wicked problems.

“无知!”这门课提供了一个全面的框架以了解人们如何思考未知事物,如何处理未知事物,以及某些无知如何被纳入文化和社会制度。 我们将带你浏览所有种类和伪装下的无知。 无知和每个人都有关,与每一门学科、职业以及日常生活的工作和娱乐都息息相关。


我们将探讨有关无知的如下问题:无知从何而来?我们是如何将其强加于彼此甚至是我们自己?这又是为什么?我们通常认为无知是一件坏事,但是在哪些时候不知道太多反而是一件好事呢?人们如何利用无知?无知在社会互动、团体关系、制度和法律中扮演什么角色?无知有可能在某些时候成为一种美德吗?无知在什么时候对我们是好事,什么时候是坏事?我们如何利用未知事物来促进学习、新发现和创造力? 我们如何在无知的情况下做出好的决定呢?

你对无知的理解将通过网络游戏、论坛、探索自己的“无知个人资料”的机会、附加阅读和维基资料获得扩展。课程里还将有专门针对那些希望将无知理解应用于复杂的社会和环境问题的讨论组。 深入了解无知将有助你管理和对待它。 它也将帮助您处理意想不到的,复杂的,甚至是邪恶的问题。

At a glance

  • Institution: ANUx
  • Subject: Humanities
  • Level: Introductory
  • Prerequisites:
  • Language: English
  • Video Transcripts: English, 中文
  • Associated skills: Legal Discovery, Creativity

What you'll learn

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  • Different kinds of ignorance
  • Various sources of ignorance
  • Different uses for ignorance
  • Social roles of ignorance
  • Benefits and costs of ignorance
  • How to harness ignorance for learning, discovery and creativity
  • How to deal with ignorance
  • And more…


  • 各种类型的无知
  • 无知的多种来源
  • 无知的不同用途
  • 无知的社会角色
  • 无知的益处和代价
  • 如何利用无知来促进学习、新发现和创造力
  • 如何对待无知
  • 等等...

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