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Almost any student with basic programming knowledge can follow the course. The examples will be developed with C# and a brief introduction to the language will also be part of the contents. If you have basic previous knowledge in programming you will not have big problems in following the course.

About this course

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Never before has the video game market been at a better time. There are currently many platforms available and the emergence of mobile devices has revolutionized the sector.

The existence of multiple platforms implies great challenges for developers in decision making, both in the choice of platforms and in the sizing of work teams.

One solution to these problems is to use a game engine, and without a doubt the most popular and used engine of the moment is Unity.

Unity is the most popular engine for reasons such as its powerful tools, its ability to generate games on more than 20 different platforms, its excellent learning curve and the hundreds of add-ons available to it developed by third parties.

What you'll learn

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In this introductory video game development course with Unity you will learn in a practical way with numerous examples that will guide you step by step:

  • Getting to know the Unity interface
  • What the fundamental elements of the Unity engine are
  • To develop your first games
  • Unit 1. Introduction to the environment
  • Unit 2. Unity Basics
  • Unit 3. Introduction to the game engine
  • Unit 4. Unity and the different platforms
  • Unit 5. Scripting
  • Unit 6. Unity in action

Meet your instructors

Jordi Linares Pellicer
Doctor en informática
Universitat Politècnica de Valencia

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Learner testimonials

" We are a small company that had already made some simple apps. Signing up for the Unity course was one of the best decisions made regarding the development of apps. The course is very didactic, practical and inspiring and it was the springboard that pushed us to make apps and games for Android. We have _ developed 8 apps in Unity on Google Play. One of them, Dark Stories, has 1,000,000 downloads. As Unity is cross platform we will also bring out the apps for iOS._ " --Rob from Treebit Games