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Leadership in the family business

Learn the dynamics of family businesses, in order to apply the skills, tools and instruments that involve leading and orchestrating a successfully family business.

Leadership in the family business

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About this course

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To ensure that the family business transcends and the company is sustained over time, in this course of entrepreneurship and business administration, you will have the opportunity to understand the complexity of family and business dynamics, reflect on the roles and ways of thinking of the family's leader and make a diagnosis of entrepreneurship.

All this in order for you to know the instruments and components that involve leading and orchestrating the family business: the future vision of the business family, the development of the next generations and the formation of an effective and flexible family and business government. All the knowledge acquired in this course of business administration can be applied in the family business.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Families and EGADE Business School of Tecnologico de Monterrey is the ideal institution to develop these skills, since Tec de Monterrey is #1 university in Mexico and the 6th best in Latin America according to Times Higher Education (THE) 2016.

Professors from the Entrepreneurial Families Center are highly qualified and recognized as part of the worldwide STEP project for family entrepreneurship, moreover, EGADE Business School is number 1 school in Latin America, in its MBA, according to the ranking of America Economia.

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What you'll learn

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  • Apply strategies, tools and models to lead and orchestrate the family business
  • Identify and apply main characteristics that will allow you to be a good business leader
  • Explain the importance and challenges of entrepreneurial families
  • Distinguish the different styles of organizational leadership that you could find in the family business
  • Generate entrepreneurial talent within the organization using business leadership

Topic 1. Fundamentals of the Family Business

1.1 Importance of family businesses in Mexico and the world

1.2 Challenges and perspectives of the family business

Topic 2. Identification of roles in the family business

2.1 The business-family-ownership system

2.2 Ways of thinking of the family business leader-owner

Topic 3. Forward Vision in Entrepreneurial Families

3.1 Structural risk model

3.2 Evolution of family business models

Topic 4. Next Generation Development (NxtGen)

4.1 Commitment and successor competency inventory

4.2 Next Generation Talent Development

Topic 5. Leadership Model (Orchestration) for Family-Company Dynamics

5.1 Family business leadership

5.2 Governance dynamics

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