Lean Production

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Learn how to apply key elements of lean manufacturing, such as 5S and Kaizen, to organizational processes to improve quality and productivity.

Course Format:Instructor-Led
Start Date:Aug 1, 2018

What you will learn

  • The history and background of Lean production and the complementing elements of quantity and quality control.
  • How to measure production performance and how defects and waste degrade performance.
  • To improve process performance through application of lean principles, including setup time reduction, batch optimization, and defect elimination.
  • Elements of Lean production including Heijunka, Kanban, Jidoka, and Poka Yoke.
  • 5S methodology for establishing and sustaining a productive work environment.


Learn about Lean Production, a customer-centric methodology that improves processes by eliminating waste and focusing on value-added tasks.

This course will introduce the main tenets of the Toyota Production System, which includes Just-in-Time manufacturing and Quality Control. We learn how to analyse process flow and see quantitatively the importance of establishing continuous flow, by calculating resource utilisation and cycle time to evaluate the impact of set up times, batching, defects and reworks. We introduce quality control tools in order to improve and stabilize our flow, using workplace visualization and discuss the critical concept of Kaizen, the Japanese practice of continuous improvement. You will see the impact of key concepts of Lean, including Heijunka, Kanban, Jidoka, Andon, Poka Yoke, and 5S, which help achieve increased quality and productivity.

Upon successful completion of this series, learners will earn the Technical University of Munich Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification, confirming mastery of the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma to a Yellow Belt level, based on the American Society of Quality's Body of Knowledge for the Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

Before you start

This course reviews basic calculations used in production management. Therefore, basic math skills are necessary.
  • Instructor-Led: course contains assignments and exams that have specific due dates, and you complete the course within a defined time period.
  • Course ends: Jan 23, 2019

Learner Testimonials

“One of the best MOOC on Lean production that you can find online. Whether you are a novice or an expert, this course gives you the concise content that is required to understand lean. The course is well structured, perfectly presented with case studies, examples, math problems, discussion forum, guest lectures given by prominent faculty members from reputed universities around the world. The best things about the course are the faculty members & the participants, who bring in rich diverse experience either educationally or professionally or both. I would recommend this course as well as other courses that are part of TUM's Professional Certificate Program to those who want to learn or brush up their skills in six sigma and lean. Thank You Mr.Martin, Mrs. Holly, Mr. Reiner, Mr.Zubair and the entire support team. Take a bow!” -- Murali Dhepalli

“At the beginning I took this course just to show current or future employers my experience in this topic and didn't expect anything so new for me as it's my filed of work as a manager in continuous improvement. But as the course commenced, I have learnt more and more details that I could already implement in day to day work. I really enjoyed this course and it's sure that i will enroll in the additional ones in this TUMx professional program. Prof. Holly Ott and her team managed to develop a great MOOC that is fun and horizon expanding. Prof. Ott is a frequent follower (and responder) of forum discussions which encourages everyone to exchange experiences. Not to forget the emails you get during the course with great pointers to real world problems. All in all, I can recommend this MOOC a lot to anyone who is even remote interested in lean and production management.” -- Christian Kahl

“This course is the last one in Six Sigma - Lean production offered by TUM on EdX. First thing : while it’s been said that this course can be taken as stand alone, I really think it is best to take first the 2 other courses on Six Sigma, at least if you are a novice in quality management. The course itself is really great. It covers a lot of subject and it is a good help for any manager having to deal with productivity issues, not only in manufacturing but also in service industry. The instructors are very good, they know their subject and can easily pass their knowledge to the student through the lectures. One of the best thing for me was to see the theory applied to real life examples (you’ll see that Professor Holly is really into skateboarding!). Bottom line, I recommend this course!” -- Etienne Pavajot

“Dear TUM, I am grateful to be one of you MOOC'S student. Really, it helps me a lot specially when I took my ASQ CSSYB and CQIA. It's almost a year now since I started this professional certificate program and I am happy to inform you that I completed all of 3 verified certificates. Although, I am working as Nurse but I know that some of those concept's are applicable or can be applied in healthcare setting. Thank Professor Holy and Other's TUM faculty for your great effort that boosted my passion in Quality field. Regards, Manuel” -- Manuel

Frequently Asked Questions

Who offers this program?
The Professional Certificate Program Six Sigma and Lean: Quantitative Tools for Quality and Productivity is offered by edX and the Technical University of Munich (TUM). 

How many courses are in the program?
There are three courses in this program:
Course 1 QPLS1x - Six Sigma: Define and Measure
Course 2 QPLS2x - Six Sigma: Analyze, Improve, Control

Course 3 QPLS3x - Lean Production
Do I need to take the courses in order? 
The courses should be completed sequentially, but it is not required that they be completed in any particular order. However, as Course 2 QPLS2x - Six Sigma: Analyze, Improve, Control builds on the material in Course 1 QPLS1x - Six Sigma: Define and Measure we strongly recommend that you take QPLS1x before you take QPLS2x.
Which certification do I earn for this course? 
You will earn the Verified Certificate for Course 3 QPLS3x - Lean Production.
What certificates do I earn with this program?
Upon successful completion of this program, learners will earn both the edX Professional Certificate for the program and the TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. In order to achieve the TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification it is mandatory to complete all 3 courses in the program and achieve a Verified Certificate in each. Then, automatically, you will earn the edX Professional Certificate and the TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.
What is the passing grade for the course? 
An overall average for all homework sets of 70% is required to pass the course.

Do I need to achieve 70% on each homework? 
No, you need an average grade for all homework sets of 70%. This means you can do poorly or miss a homework set as long as you do well enough on other homework sets to achieve 70% overall.
How do I receive the edX Professional Certificate for this program? 
The Profession Certificate will be available from your dashboard after the end of the course.

How do I receive the TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification for this program? 
The TUM Executive Education Center will issue the Yellow Belt Certification by email three times a year: by Nov 30, Mar 31, July 31. (Note: If you do not receive a certificate within 1 month of these deadlines, please send an email to the course email: [email protected])

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