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Sustainability & Major Sport Events: Principles

Learn the five pillars of sustainability and how to apply these when planning and hosting a major sport event.

Sustainability & Major Sport Events: Principles

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About this course

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While any major sport event can pose great opportunities for the host city or region, there are also challenges associated with hosting these events. The environmental impact on the country's natural resources, the workforce, and infrastructure are just some of the considerations. It is essential to ensure that your major sport event is sustainable for your city throughout the event, but also after the event has been completed.

So, what does a sustainable major sport event look like?

Thiscourse will introduce you to the concept of a sustainable major sport event by using the five pillars of sustainability as the foundation.

These five pillars; human, social, economic, governance and environmental, are explored in this course with a focus on the core principles of each pillar and how these need to be considered in this context. Real-world examples are presented to further highlight the importance of these factors when planning and hosting a major sport event.

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What you'll learn

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● The concept of sustainability in the major sport event context
● The five pillars of sustainable major sport events
● Principles and key considerationsof human sustainability
● Principles and key considerations of social sustainability
● Principlesand key considerations of economic sustainability
● Principlesand key considerationsof governance sustainability
●Principles and key considerationsof environmental sustainability

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Human Sustainability
Module 3: Social Sustainability
Module 4: Economic Sustainability
Module 5: Governance Sustainability
Module 6: Environmental Sustainability: Buildings and Infrastructure
Module 7: Environmental Sustainability: Air, Water and Waste
Module 8: Final Assignment

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