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A basic understanding of financing and familiarity with banking

Interest in creating impact on livelihoods, familiarity with concepts of microfinance.

About this course

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Comprehend the ecosystem of microfinance, understand its impact on inclusive growth, and learn to identify sustainable business models financing Micro Enterprises and Livelihood Activities.

Microfinance interventions are well recognized as an effective tool for poverty alleviation and improving socio economic conditions of the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Countries across the geographies are achieving their envisaged goals through different microfinance models.

Microfinance is identified as an important tool for empowerment of women and realisation of Sustainable Development Goals.

This Course outlines the ecosystem, business models and risk management practices in microfinance. It would enable you to understand the microfinance business models and correlate to your country’s socio-economic conditions.

You would understand the impact of microfinance in Livelihood Finance through the framework of policies, use cases and case studies.

What you'll learn

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Evolution, scope of microfinance and emerging trends

Microfinance eco-system- Government, Regulators, Banks/MFIs

Sustainable business models in Asian and African countries in creating livelihoods and improving living standards of the poor

Overview of Risk, Identification, Assessment and Mitigation of Risk in Microfinance Institutions

Impact of microfinance on poverty alleviation, inclusive growth and Sustainable Development Goals

Join us to learn how to use a microfinance model and create impact in the lives of the people marginalised, vulnerable, and weaker sections of the society

week 1

Background, Micro credit and microfinance, impact of microfinance, Emerging trends in microfinance

week 2

Government initiatives, policies and regulatory framework, Organizations promoting microfinance in Asian and African countries

week 3

Successful business models in Asian and African countries catering to the needs of different segments of people and financing their livelihoods.

week 4

Overview of Risk- Causative factors, impact.

Risk Management in Microfinance: identification, assessment, mitigation of risk; use cases.

week 5

Impact of Microfinance in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, overall economic development and inclusive growth.

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