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    10 Weeks
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    5–10 hours per week
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There are no prerequisites for the course but there are optional units for participants who read music to analyze the compositions. Course units about the history of the compositions will likely be of interest to all participants while units about practicing and performing were designed primarily for pianists working on the repertoire.

About this course

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We will discuss the history and musical details of each work and give suggestions for pianists who are practicing and performing the compositions. We will also encounter related compositions by other composers and get a tour of Schönberg's house in Austria. You will be able to test your knowledge using review questions and compare your reflections on course content with other students.

What you'll learn

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You will explore:

  • Schönberg's solo piano music and its historical context.
  • Vocabulary and strategies for analyzing the music and your responses to the music.
  • How to practice and perform the compositions.
  • Additional, related repertoire.

Meet your instructors

Thomas Schultz
Senior Lecturer, Music
Stanford University
Tysen Dauer
Ph.D. Candidate in Musicology
Stanford University