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About this course

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If you are unable to access Youtube, the introductory video is available via XuetangX. Connect with the course team and fellow learners on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HKUxArchitecture

This 5-week introductory course is for those who would like to explore and be fascinated by vernacular architecture – the subject and study of everyday buildings, landscapes and sites which are not designed by professional architects but “ordinary” practitioners. It explores vernacular architecture as an expression of local identity, indigenous traditions, and assimilation of different cultures.

This course covers topics such as native building materials, the interaction between people, culture and the vernacular, as well as the vernacular landscape. It has a special emphasis on the built heritage of Asia, which allows students to take a closer look at examples in diverse locales, such as the leather yurts in Mongolia, timber houses in Japan, brick, mud and straw houses in India, reinforced concrete fortified towers and grey brick courtyard houses in Southern China including Macau and Hong Kong.

Designed to promote discussion and dialogue while contributing to the discourse surrounding the concept of the vernacular, this course challenges the perception of tradition and stimulates a deeper analysis of one’s local environment. Indeed, we are keen to hear about how you link your new understanding to vernacular architecture in your neighborhood.

Those who wish to extend their experience and exploration please also join our subsequent 5-week course The Search for Vernacular Architecture of Asia, Part 2 in Summer 2015.


课程内容包括建筑技术和建筑材料、人与文化和传统、 以及本土建筑与景观。本课程以亚洲建筑文化遗产为实例,供学生深入学习,其中包括蒙古地区的蒙古包、日本的木结构房屋、印度的土屋、中国南方澳门与香港一带以钢筋混凝土为建筑材料的塔楼和灰砖庭院。



What you'll learn

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  • Build a personal perspective on what constitutes vernacular architecture
  • Develop an appreciation of the values and meanings of vernacular architecture in your local environments
  • Demonstrate an awareness of how to protect and preserve your own vernacular built environment
  • 帮助您去建立您自己关于本土建筑的基本概念
  • 帮助您在本土的建筑环境中,发现本土建筑的价值观及其意义
  • 帮助您形成保护和保育本土建筑环境的意识

Meet your instructors

David P. Y. Lung
Professor of Architecture
University of Hong Kong
Howard Davis
Professor of Architecture
University of Oregon

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