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Online EdD in Educational Leadership from Arcadia University

The online EdD in Educational Leadership from Arcadia University will prepare you to lead impactful change in your organization. Learn to promote social advocacy across diverse education contexts or education-related fields.

About the program

  • Synchronous collaboration: Connect with our highly experienced faculty to address your specific academic needs and career goals and to gain hands-on guidance and foster meaningful relationships.
  • Dissertation support: Receive personalized resources, guidance, and assistance at the start of the dissertation process.
  • Flexible schedule: Balance your career with your online learning experience. Access asynchronous coursework and synchronous support opportunities.

About Arcadia University School of Education 

The Arcadia University School of Education is committed to shaping compassionate educators motivated to make a positive impact in their communities, both locally and globally. With a rich history of academic excellence and a forward-thinking approach, the Arcadia University School of Education offers a diverse range of programs designed for aspiring educators at every stage of their journey.

A curriculum designed for visionaries

Arcadia University's Doctor of Education program is tailor-made for professionals and academics in diverse educational and education-related fields. The expertly designed 51-credit curriculum features an education-specific (PK–16) approach with broader applications in various industries, including nonprofits, healthcare, and business.

As an online EdD learner, you will:

  • Enhance your understanding of current leadership and research trends that span various levels and areas of education.

  • Learn how to be responsive to your organization’s vision.

  • Cultivate skills to implement effective educational policies and research-based programs across diverse roles. 

  • Learn strategies to increase social responsiveness within organizations that value educational diversity, global perspectives, and evidence-based practices.

Featured courses

Tuition and financial aid

The estimated tuition for the online EdD in Educational Leadership program as of the 2023-24 academic year is $1,050 USD per credit. A $500 USD deposit is required upon enrollment. 

Please note that tuition does not include out-of-pocket expenses such as books, additional course materials, immersions, or other fees. While immersion fees include a majority of associated expenses, learners are still responsible for travel costs, as well as some food and miscellaneous charges throughout the immersion experience. Learners can expect a moderate tuition increase each year.

Financial aid

There are a number of resources that may be available to help you finance your educational doctorate. Funding resources include external scholarships, employer tuition assistance, Federal Student Aid, private loans, and veterans benefits.

Applying for Federal Student Aid

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) , using Arcadia University's code, 003235.

  • Sign the FAFSA electronically with your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID.

  • Apply for financial aid at the same time as you complete your program application.


Due to the cohort model of the doctoral program, all learners who enroll in a specific year start their studies together during either the Fall or Spring semesters. Applications are continuously reviewed until cohorts reach their capacity.

Application deadlines

Program start

Early priority deadline

Priority deadline

Final deadline

August 26, 2024

April 26, 2024

May 24, 2024

June 21, 2024

Application requirements

To complete an application, you will need to submit the following materials:

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Emerge as a thought leader in your field

Gain expert-level skills to increase your career opportunities and influence.

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The Arcadia University School of Education designed its online EdD in Educational Leadership for experienced working professionals in education or education-related fields. Interested learners must hold a master’s degree in education or a similar subject from an accredited institution. A GPA of at least 3.0 is necessary, while a GPA of 3.5 or higher is advised.

Tuition & fees

The estimated tuition for the online EdD in Educational Leadership program as of the 2023–24 academic year is $1,050 USD per credit. A number of resources may be available to help you finance your educational doctorate.

Propel your organization — and society — forward

Engage in online instruction rooted in social advocacy and collaborative academic support.

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Elevate your career as an educational leader and policy changemaker

Learn advanced research and practice skills, receive dedicated dissertation support, and refine your understanding of effective leadership in organizations, locally and globally.

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Balance your career with your online learning experience

Enhance your impact in your workplace — and community — with an online EdD that fits your busy schedule.

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