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Programa MicroBachelors® en
Information Literacy

Lo que aprenderás

  • To differentiate between trustworthy and misleading information;
  • To find and use accurate online information sources;
  • To understand and use accurate information for work in college and in your career;
  • To use proper citation of information in formal writing for college and for work;
  • To understand plagiarism and how to avoid it.

We live in the information age, and we are inundated with information on a daily basis. With so much information coming at us so fast, how do we know what’s true? How do we know which information is real? How can we fact-check what we read and see?

In this class, you will explore the answers to these questions by learning information literacy skills. You will learn how to evaluate the information you see on the Internet as well as academic information. You will also learn how to access credible sources of information and share that information with others.

You will learn about different types of information sources, how to develop an academic research question, and how to find scholarly sources on that topic. The course concludes with modules about formally presenting your research topic, citing it properly, and ensuring academic integrity by avoiding plagiarism.

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1 cursos de alta calidad
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3 meses
9 - 12 horas por semana
3 créditos académicos
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498 US$
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Cursos en este programa

  1. Programa MicroBachelors® en Information Literacy de TESU

  2. 9–12 horas por semana durante 12 semanas

    Information Literacy shows you how to use information as a tool for knowledge. You’ll learn how to find, evaluate, and use sources responsibly and ethically, and how information literacy makes you more effective professionally and personally.

  3. Program Certificate Requirement

    In order to be eligible for the TESU MicroBachelor in Information Literacy, you must purchase, complete, and pass (with a 70% grade or higher) all courses in the MicroBachelor of Information Literacy program.

    Credit Election

    Learners who successfully earn the MicroBachelors Information Literacy program certificate can choose to elect three (3) credits at no additional cost at Thomas Edison State University (TESU).

    TESU course equivalents are as follows:

    1. MicroBachelors: Information Literacy = TESU’s SOS 110 Information Literacy

    In order to redeem your credits please refer to these step-by-step directions. Learn more about credit.

    • These foundational skills are necessary for all careers, such as Office Manager, Data Analyst, Advertising/Marketing Specialist, and Attorney.

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