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Master the essentials of managing a successful business

Programa MicroMasters® en
Business Management

Lo que aprenderás

  • An overview of business organizations and the role accounting plays in managing them.
  • Understand the role of operations management in a firm and develop the ability to structure and solve operations related problems.
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of the different aspects of people management.
  • An introduction to the systematic framework of marketing management and different approaches for marketing goods and services.
  • Master concepts and tools that are useful to managers for making financial decisions.
  • Understand the analytical approaches underlying strategy and competitive advantage.

Gain an advantage by learning the key business essentials through this comprehensive online MicroMasters program, covering all core management disciplines.

Understanding the managerial context of decision making is critical to being a successful manager. The MicroMasters program in management from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, aims to provide the learner with the perfect learning pathway to develop core competencies across six management disciplines:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Operations Management
  • People Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy

Take advantage of the MicroMasters program certificate to rejuvenate your career or enhance your knowledge and program certificates by stepping into the campus at IIMB to complete an Advanced Management Programme on IIMBx.

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6 cursos de nivel universitario
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10 meses
2 - 4 horas por semana
Precio con descuento: $810
Precio original: $900USD
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Cursos en este programa

  1. Programa MicroMasters® en Business Management de IIMBx

  2. 2–4 horas por semana durante 7 semanas
    Understand key aspects of business operations and lean management including capacity, productivity, quality, and supply chain.
  3. 2–4 horas por semana durante 6 semanas

    Learn to be a better manager by developing leadership and communication skills designed to turn first time managers into great team leaders.

  4. 3–5 horas por semana durante 5 semanas
    Learn the ideas, concepts and tools managers use to make the right financial decisions.
  5. 3–5 horas por semana durante 5 semanas
    Learn how a manager or CEO develops a business strategy, including analyzing the market and creating competitive advantage.
  6. 3–5 horas por semana durante 7 semanas
    Learn how to read and interpret financial statements and manage costs to take informed business decisions.
  7. 2–4 horas por semana durante 9 semanas

    Learn how to effectively apply marketing management theories and practices, including the marketing mix, through real-world business scenarios.

  8. What is a MicroMasters Program?
    MicroMasters programs are a series of graduate level courses from top universities designed to advance your career. MicroMasters program certificates showcase deep learning and in-demand skills to employers and can help you get started on a path toward completing an advanced degree.

    How to Earn a MicroMasters Program Certificate
    To earn the program certificate, learners must complete and successfully earn a verified certificate in all six MicroMasters program courses.

    From Program Certificate to a Master’s Degree
    MicroMasters programs are designed to offer learners a pathway to an advanced degree and can count as credit toward completing a Master’s degree program. Learners who successfully earn this MicroMasters program certificate may apply for admission to a Master’s program, and if accepted, the MicroMasters program certificate will count towards the degree.

    Learners who earn the MicroMasters program certificate can use it to apply to an in-campus programme, viz. Advanced Management Programme on IIMBx (AMPx), a four-week programme including an international immersion week delivered at the campus of a partner school in Europe. The Advanced Management Programme on IIMBx (AMPx) is a Long Duration Certificate programme offered by Executive Education at IIMB and comprise of 23 programme days.

    Click here to read the FAQ on MicroMasters in Business Management and the Accelerated path to Advanced Management Programme (AMPx) at IIM Bangalore.

    • Career opportunities include: Project Managers, Team Leads, Programme Managers, First time managers, Mid-career professionals, Entrepreneurs

Conoce a tus instructores

de Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMBx)
Ashok Thampy
Professor, Finance
IIM Bangalore
Ashis Mishra
Assistant Professor, Marketing
IIM Bangalore
Sai Yayavaram
Associate Professor, Corporate Strategy and Policy
IIM Bangalore
P D Jose
Professor, Corporate Strategy and Policy
IIM Bangalore
Vasanthi Srinivasan
Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
IIM Bangalore
MS Narasimhan
IIM Bangalore
B. Mahadevan
Professor, Operations Management
IIM Bangalore
Rejie George Pallathita
Associate Professor, Corporate Strategy and Policy
IIM Bangalore

Expertos de IIMBx comprometidos con el aprendizaje en línea


Oracle Consulting

The MicroMasters program of IIMB comes at the right time to help managers to gain a good understanding of other disciplines such as Accounting, HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Strategy. The online courses help them to pace their own learning and get an opportunity to do an accelerated Advanced Management Program in campus. The knowledge gained from the courses and the program will go long way in helping managers become more effective and accelerate their personal growth.

Nagabhushana Urala , Vice President, Oracle Consulting, EMEA

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Precio con descuento: $810
Precio original: $900USD
6 cursos en 10 meses
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Preguntas frecuentes

  • The Business Management MicroMasters program is targeted primarily to managers or mid-career professionals who wish to transform their careers by combining functional competence with global leadership skills. Owners or senior managers of entrepreneurial ventures who are looking to scale up their operations or professionalize management will also find this programme very useful.
  • Unfortunately, learners from one or more of the following countries or regions will not be able to register for this program: Iran, Cuba and the Crimea region of Ukraine. While edX has sought licenses from the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to offer our courses to learners in these countries and regions, the licenses we have received are not broad enough to allow us to offer this program in all locations. EdX truly regrets that U.S. sanctions prevent us from offering all of our courses to everyone, no matter where they live.

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