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Certificación Profesional en
Foundations of Quantum Sensing

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  • How to work with math as a practitioner, not a technician for calculus, vector calculus, complex variables, linear algebra, differential equations, and Fourier series.
  • What quantum superposition, the principal of complementarity, and quantum measurement are. How entanglement leads to bizarre phenomena, such as seeing something without having photons interact with them.
  • The formal developments of quantum mechanics employing an operator-based representation-independent formalism and the four fundamental operator identities.
  • The science behind how quantum mechanics is used to improve the accuracy of the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory---humankind’s most accurate quantum sensor.

Quantum sensing is the most technologically advanced area of quantum information science. It also requires the most advanced prerequisites to enter. These two courses provide a foundation for further work in quantum information science. After completing this sequence (which must be taken in order), you will have the theoretical background for working in quantum sensing. The material is at the undergraduate level. It is condensed in two courses to allow you prepare faster for quantum sensing than other options currently available.

The material culminates in a description of the quantum mechanical ideas needed to make make laser interferometry gravitational observatory (LIGO) work---the most advanced quantum sensor in the world.

The program image is an Image of Peter Turk’s lecture at Imperial College courtesy of Geraldine Cox.

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2 cursos de capacitación
Dictados por instructores
Las tareas y los exámenes tienen fechas de entrega específicas
9 meses
8 - 11 horas por semana
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Cursos en este programa

  1. Certificación Profesional en Foundations of Quantum Sensing de GeorgetownX

  2. Inició el 23 ene 2023
    7–10 horas por semana durante 18 semanas

    Physicists use math all of the time in nearly everything that they work on. This course will help you understand how math is interconnected and recognize that math involves a handful of simple ideas that repeat. By the end of the course, you will be able to re-derive important formulas from basic principles or know precisely where to look them up and use them.

  3. Inicia el 21 ago 2023
    8–12 horas por semana durante 18 semanas

    Learn the quantum mechanics needed to prepare you for the second quantum revolution (focused on quantum sensing). We use a new way to teach quantum for undergraduates by focusing on conceptual ideas and operator manipulations. This allows us to discuss more applications to experiment usually done. You need a background in the full calculus sequence and in math methods. Freshman physics and modern physics is recommended. This course is appropriate for physicists, chemists and engineers.

    • Quantum information science is a new revolution in industry. This course will help you enter careers in quantum computing, quantum communication, and especially in quantum sensing.
    • Industry is seeking well-trained quantum mechanics for this second quantum revolution.

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de Georgetown University (GeorgetownX)

James Freericks
Georgetown University

Expertos de GeorgetownX comprometidos con el aprendizaje en línea



The severe lack of talent in the quantum industry is a well-documented fact. Quantum technology is now emerging as the next imminent disruption. Quantum sensing is an arguably less known, much broader area (compared to, say, quantum computing) that is rapidly approaching the market. A certificate like the one proposed is much needed in this context, especially in the short term (re-training and upskilling of the existing workforce). It provides the mathematical and theoretical foundations of the field and, for the long-term, can be effectively used to augment (via blended learning techniques) or even altogether replace, conventional instruction--which doesn't always prepare students for careers in these emerging ecosystems. Prof. Freericks is a master educator--and I have argued that aspect that at length on The Report by Classcentral website at Finally, from the point of view of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) offering such a certificate via a platform like EdX would have a major impact. Prof. Freericks does a remarkable job in conveying complex ideas in a way that they can be widely understood so that they can be applied to new contexts.

Adrian German , IU QSEc Acting Organizing Manager, QED-C Workforce Development TAC Chair (2021)

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Precio con descuento: 448,20 US$
Precio original: 498 US$
2 cursos en 9 meses
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