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Certificación Profesional en
DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations

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  • List the benefits of the DevOps environment and the different sets of behaviors, skills, technology, tools, processes, methodologies, and metrics.
  • Describe how to implement software engineering applications and infrastructure to support DevOps resulting in Continuous Integration and Delivery of products.
  • Explain the core concepts of cloud computing and the foundational knowledge required for understanding from both business and practitioner perspectives.
  • Define how to function as an Agile team by identifying Agile principles and Scrum methodology, including roles, meetings, rules, and artifacts.
  • Identify how to incorporate Agile and Scrum methodology and principles to help write user stories and execute sprint plans.

This professional certificate will equip you with a foundational understanding of DevOps, Cloud Computing, Agile and Scrum and their transformational impact on businesses and approaches to software engineering.

This professional certificate is suitable for both technical audiences - who want to either upskill with DevOps or start a career in this in-demand domain to become DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers, Application Developers, SREs, Cloud Specialists, etc., as well as non-technical audiences - including managers, executives, product managers, and project managers who want to help with transforming an organization using DevOps and Agile development practices.

Organizations are adopting DevOps practices at a rapid pace. More than 70% of organizations worldwide have introduced DevOps to projects, making DevOps skills in high demand.

You will learn about the DevOps culture and its benefits, Cloud Computing fundamentals, the Agile philosophy, and Scrum methodology. You will familiarize yourself with the skills, technology, tools, processes, practices, and metrics to become a successful DevOps practitioner.

Software Engineers, Programmers, Full Stack Developers, Cloud Architects, Cloud Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), and IT Managers all benefit from understanding and practicing DevOps.

In this professional certificate, Cloud Computing is described along with its essential characteristics, models, benefits, infrastructure, and emerging trends. Cloud computing is a catalyst/enabler for organizations to use DevOps methodologies.

The last component of this professional certificate explains the Agile philosophy, how to work as an Agile team, and Scrum methodology, including the roles, meetings, rules, and artifacts, how to write user stories, and execute Sprint Plans.

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Cursos en este programa

  1. Certificación Profesional en DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations de IBM

  2. 3–4 horas por semana durante 3 semanas

    This course is intended to help launch your career as a DevOps Professional. In this course you will learn to think, work, organize and measure DevOps - skills that you can use to build better products.

  3. 2–4 horas por semana durante 3 semanas

    Jumpstart your cloud expertise and explore offerings of AWS, Google, and IBM; delve into IaaS, PaaS, SaaS models, and cloud security. Experience IBM Cloud app deployment. Perfect for executives, students, and budding professionals.

  4. 3–4 horas por semana durante 3 semanas

    This course will benefit anyone who wants to get started with working the Agile way. It is particularly suitable for IT practitioners such as software developers, development managers, project managers, product managers, and executives.

    • As companies implement DevOps practices, the need for qualified software engineers is soaring. Per the Hindu BusinessLine website, industry-led market studies consistently show the most in-demand IT role is DevOps Engineer.
    • DevOps Engineers, already in high demand, are going to be harder to find and compete for in the future; demand is expected to increase by 24% between now and 2026 according to Blackstone Talent Group.
    • has witnessed a 75 per cent rise in listings of DevOps jobs while LinkedIn has recorded a 50 per cent increase in mention of DevOps as a skill.

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IBM Skills Network

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