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Learn Adobe ColdFusion with online courses and programs

Adobe ColdFusion is an end-to-end web and mobile application development platform. Learn Adobe ColdFusion with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Adobe ColdFusion?

Adobe ColdFusion is a Java-based web and mobile app development toolkit and server.Footnote 1 Its scripting environment is driven by ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), a tag-based scripting language with syntax that supports HTML files.Footnote 2 Developers can either write program code themselves or through automatic code generation “wizards.”Footnote 3

Beyond creating dynamic web and mobile applications with ColdFusion, developers can also use the toolkit to:Footnote 4

  • Conduct rapid testing and deployment

  • Craft and implement custom functions across various applications

  • Troubleshoot and debug

  • Integrate with both legacy and modern systems

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Adobe ColdFusion tutorial curriculum

Are you interested in learning about mobile and web application development? Consider honing your Adobe ColdFusion skills. A ColdFusion tutorial can cover topics such as:

  • Installation: Setup will vary by edition and operating system. Adobe ColdFusion comes in both paid enterprise and free developer versions and is supported by Windows, Linux, and macOS. Depending on your needs, you may also choose to install certain add-ons.

  • CFML: To properly use Adobe ColdFusion, you must learn how to read and write CFML.

  • Basic actions: Once you’ve mastered CFML, you can dive into essential programming capabilities. You may explore ColdFusion’s command line interface (CLI), which enable users to input and process code; the ins and outs of importing and exporting metadata; and other fundamentals.Footnote 5

  • Security: Adobe ColdFusion comes with a number of security features. For example, you can learn more about Security Analyzer, which helps developers detect and circumvent code vulnerabilities.Footnote 6

  • Performance monitoring: By familiarizing yourself with ColdFusion’s Performance Monitoring Toolset, you can gain real-time insight into application, database, and server performance.Footnote 7

  • Application programming interfaces (APIs): With the right API strategy, businesses can build and maintain large, stable, and efficient interfaces. Adobe ColdFusion’s API Manager helps streamline the process.Footnote 8

Explore jobs that use Adobe ColdFusion

Knowledge of Adobe ColdFusion can be leveraged in many roles. These may include:

  • Web developer: Adobe ColdFusion is a useful web application development tool. By mastering ColdFusion, developers can build more dynamic, efficient, and secure applications, all on a single platform.

  • Mobile developer: With Adobe ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder, mobile developers can build, deploy, and debug mobile applications that run on both mobile and desktop browsers.Footnote 9

  • Java developer: Developers who work exclusively with Java can use Adobe ColdFusion, which provides two-way Java integration, to build Java Enterprise (Java EE) applications.Footnote 10

While beneficial, Adobe ColdFusion expertise isn’t sufficient for every role. Some employers may require skills that can be acquired through specialized learning from individual courses or boot camps; others may seek out candidates with a bachelor’s degree or possibly a master’s degree

How to use Adobe ColdFusion as a web developer 

To make the most out of Adobe ColdFusion, developers may consider mastering the following complementary or foundational subjects:

  • HTML: All Adobe ColdFusion pages consist of CFML and standard HTML. Because the languages contain similar syntaxes, knowledge of HTML can dramatically simplify the CFML learning process.

  • Java: Java developers use Adobe ColdFusion to create Java EE web applications. However, you don’t have to learn Java to integrate ColdFusion with Java application servers.Footnote 11

  • Structured query language (SQL): With Adobe ColdFusion, developers can create applications that interact with databases. By learning the fundamentals of SQL, you can use ColdFusion to read, retrieve, and manipulate data.Footnote 12

If you are interested in advancing your knowledge of these topics or of the web development field in general, consider how online learning can help you achieve your goals. edX offers a variety of learning pathways, from a bachelor’s degree program in computer science to a more specialized coding boot camp. Find the learning pathway that aligns with your professional aspirations.

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