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Archaeology Courses

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learn archaeology

learn archaeology

What is Archaeology?

Archaeologists study our human past through the materials we leave behind. Whether it's the earliest foundations of humanity or the more recent past, the things we create and leave when we die give us insights into how humans lived before. Archaeology is a vital part of understanding the trajectory of human growth. Our cultural heritage isn't always permanent. Archaeological sites must be carefully preserved and studied, or we risk losing aspects of the human story we may never find again. Once the archaeologist comes into sites with human presence, such as the Egyptian Pyramids we're so familiar with, the race begins to catalog and study what the site has to share. Some sites are clear, such as Pompeii with its wealth of human historical records, and some are more mysterious, such as the Stonehenge arrangement. It's the job of archaeologists to uncover the secrets and make the connections.

Learn About Archaeology

Whether you're considering a career or simply interested in humanity's past, learning about archaeology could be a great way to expand your views of our history because material remains inform our understanding of humanity. Archaeological research is a growing field that uncovers our past to help make decisions about the future. Plus, it's fascinating.

Archaeology Courses and Certifications has plenty of options to help you get started on your path to discovering humanity's past through partnerships with leading institutions exploring our history. For example you can begin with Harvard's examination of the ancient pyramids of Giza or explore Biblical archaeology with IsraelX. If you're more interested in early humans, Wellesly's Introduction to Human Evolution allows you to build an understanding of our family tree through the study of human remains and material artifacts. The rich knowledge of ancient history helps paint a clearer picture of who we are and how we got here. Other topics include Chinese relics in a three-part series from Tsinghua University covering ancient China. This subfield holds a fascinating look at how cultures developed independently and the Chinese contribution to human evolution.

Exploring Humanity through Archaeology

Archaeological excavation has revealed so much about us as a species, and you can build your understanding of the human journey through courses that introduce you to our ancestors and way of life. Archaeological investigation reveals information we need to help us move forward, so the path of an archaeologist could be your start in exploring our big questions. Whether you study neolithic remains or more recent human past, the scientific study of humanity can shed light on current issues. Build that understanding through course offerings from edX and partners and help contribute to our understanding. You could be the one to provide insights into some of our longstanding mysteries.