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Art History Courses

Take free online courses in art history. Learn about art of the Renaissance and other periods in European history with courses from top schools and institutions.

learn art history

learn art history

What is Art History?

Art History is an interdisciplinary study of artistic mediums that include sculpture, visual painting, drawing, performance art and many other forms of cultural expression. The study of art history includes interpreting art found decorating the walls of prehistoric cave dwellers to Greek Art, Renaissance Art, Gothic Art, and surrealism art.

Art History is not only the study of physical objects, but the cultures that shaped those objects; interpreting their aesthetic value, cultural significance, form and function.

Art History books profile famous artists like Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kalo, and Jena Michel Basqiaut. They also offer critical historical frameworks for understanding African Art, Egyptian Art, Roman Art, Islamic Art, Japanese Art, and Chinese Art.

The study of Art History develops valuable critical thinking skills and a sense of historiography not only useful to interpreting historical art, but also applicable to roles that require effective written and oral communication skills.

With opportunities to complete an undergraduate degree or Postgraduate degree in Art History, there are multiple paths you can take to enter into a career in the arts and explore the roots of artistic expression.

Online Courses in Art History

Art History courses span a wide range of historical periods and styles.

For an introduction to Western art, you might consider European Painting: Leonardo, Rambrandt, and Goya from Carlos III University of Madrid, an introductory course that describes the significance of grand painters from 1400-1800.

Enroll in the MIT/Harvard collaboration, Visualizing Japan (1850s -1930s): Westernization, Protest, Modernity, and explore Japan’s transition into the modern world through the historical visual record.

Jobs in Art History

Individuals who complete an undergraduate degree in Art History can go into the arts, design or culture industries, or transfer their skills to relevant roles in the public sector.

A background in Art History can lead directly to a career as an Arts Administrator, Museum Education Officer, Researcher, Archivist, Editor or Journalist.

Students who pursue Postgraduate work in Art History have the added opportunity to work as an Art History Professor, Art Curator, Archaeologist, or Art Conservator.

Currently, there are upwards of 21,000 Art History related jobs listed on Of those positions, over 8,000 earn $50,000 or more.

Pursue a Career in Art History

A background in Art History has many exciting applications. Become a Graphic Designer or Art Curator. Take an online course in Art History and become a transmitter of art and culture today!