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IBM: Introduction to Prompt Engineering

In this course, you will learn about prompt engineering to unlock the full potential of generative AI tools like ChatGPT. You will learn the techniques and best practices for writing effective prompts and explore a few common prompt engineering tools.

Introduction to Prompt Engineering
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About this course

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Prompt engineering is a process to effectively guide generative AI models and control their output to produce desired results. In this course, you will learn the techniques, approaches, and best practices for writing effective prompts.

You will learn about prompt techniques like zero-shot and few-shot, which can improve the reliability and quality of large language models (LLMs). You will also explore various prompt engineering approaches like Interview Pattern, Chain-of-Thought, and Tree-of-Thought, which aim at generating precise and relevant responses.

You will be introduced to commonly used prompt engineering tools like IBM watsonx Prompt Lab, Spellbook, and Dust.

The hands-on labs included in the course offer an opportunity to optimize results by creating effective prompts in the IBM Generative AI Classroom. You will also hear from practitioners about the tools and approaches used in prompt engineering and the art of writing effective prompts.

This course is designed for everyone, including professionals, executives, students, and enthusiasts interested in leveraging effective prompt engineering techniques to unlock the full potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT.

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What you'll learn

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  • Explain the concept and relevance of prompt engineering in generative AI models.
  • Apply best practices for creating prompts and explore examples of impactful prompts.
  • Practice common prompt engineering techniques and approaches for writing effective prompts.
  • Explore commonly used tools for prompt engineering to aid with prompt engineering.

Module 1: Prompt Engineering for Generative AI

* Video: Course Introduction

* Reading: Course Overview

* Reading: Program Overview

* Reading: Helpful Tips for Course Completion

* Video: What Is a Prompt

* Video: What is Prompt Engineering?

* Hands-on Lab: Getting to Know our AI Prompting Tool

* Hands-on Lab: Experimenting with Prompts

* Video: Best Practices for Prompt Creation

* Hand-on Lab: Naive Prompting and Persona Pattern

* Video: Common Prompt Engineering Tools

* Video: Expert Viewpoints

* Reading: Module Summary

* Practice Quiz: Concept of Prompt Engineering

* Graded Quiz: Prompt Engineering for Generative AI

Module 2: Prompt Engineering: Techniques and Approaches

* Video: Text-to-Text Prompt Techniques

* Video: Interview Pattern Approach

* Hands-on Lab: The Interview Pattern Approach in Prompt Engineering

* Video 3: Chain-of-Thought Approach

* Hands-on Lab: The Chain-of-Thought Approach in Prompt Engineering

* Video 4: Tree-of-Thought Approach

* Hands-on Lab: The Tree-of-Thought Approach in Prompt Engineering

* Reading: Module Summary

* Practice Quiz: Writing Effective Prompts

* Graded Quiz: Prompt Engineering: Techniques and Approaches

* Discussion Prompt: Future of Human-Crafted Prompts

Module 3: Course Quiz, Project, and Wrap-up

* Video: Text-to-Image Prompt Techniques

* Hands-on Lab: Effective Text Prompts for Image Generation

* Reading: Glossary: Generative AI: Prompt Engineering

* Final Project: Applying Prompt Engineering Techniques and Best Practices

* Graded Quiz - Generative AI: Prompt Engineering Basics

* Reading: Congratulations and Next Steps

* Reading: Thanks from the Course Team

* Reading: About the Optional Lesson using IBM

* Lab: Obtain IBM Cloud Feature Code and Activate Trial Account

* Hands-on Lab: Creating an IBM Cloud Account

* Hands-on Lab: Exploring watsonx Prompt Lab

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