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GTx: Assessment Design with AI

Learn how to adjust your assessments to thrive—not just survive—in a world of pervasive conversational AI like ChatGPT.

Assessment Design with AI
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About this course

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Conversational AI tools like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm, and education is one of the biggest areas for potential impact.

In this course, teachers will learn how to adjust to the existence of these new technologies. To start, this course will teach some crucial strategies for adjusting existing assessments to expected student use of new AI tools so that you can remain assured your students are achieving your learning goals.

Defensive adjustment of our assessments is just the starting point, though; from there, this course will move on to exciting ways you can leverage AI in your class, from teaching students how to use it as a “calculator” for writing to using it yourself to author engaging new assignments tailored to your specific context.

At the end, you will come away with the confidence that not only are your students learning what you want them to learn, but that they are going beyond what they could have done in the past using new technologies.

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  • Institution: GTx
  • Subject: Education & Teacher Training
  • Level: Introductory
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    This course has no prerequisite content and can be taken in any order with the other courses in this series.

  • Language: English
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What you'll learn

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  • Basics of conversational AI tools like ChatGPT, including their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Design of AI-resistant assessment such that student reliance on AI is limited.
  • Design of AI-conducive assessment such that student use of AI is expected and accommodated.
  • Design of AI-expansive assessment such that student use of AI is encouraged and leveraged for greater outcomes.

Week 1: Fundamentals of Conversational AI Learn the fundamental components of conversational AI tools like ChatGPT, including how they work, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how to prompt them for the best results.

Week 2: AI-Resistant Assessment Learn strategies for revising your existing assignments to minimize the impact of AI and prevent students from overrelying on intelligent assistants rather than their own understanding.

Week 3: AI-Conducive Assessment Learn strategies for expecting and accepting students to use AI assistance on your assignments and adjusting accordingly, including desirable approaches to using AI and modifications to assignments to increase expectations based on AI assistance.

Week 4: AI-Expansive Assessment Learn strategies for leveraging the existence and pervasiveness of conversational AI to offer students assignments that would have been infeasible or impossible without these new technologies, like new assessments custom tailored to your context.

This course is part of ChatGPT for Educators Professional Certificate Program

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