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UBCx: AI for Teachers

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AI for Teachers is an activity focused, self-paced course designed to help educators prepare themselves and their students for a future which is becoming increasingly automated

AI for Teachers
3 weeks
1–2 hours per week
Progress at your own speed
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About this course

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Technology and computers are becoming more and more capable every day. Moving forward, computers will become increasingly good at solving problems. That means humans will become the problem finders and definers , translating the world into terms a computer can understand. This course is designed to teach you how to "speak" to computers, preparing you for a future in which computers are increasingly powerful and prevalent.

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills:Artificial Intelligence

What you'll learn

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Intro & Welcome

  • Instructor Introduction
  • Overview of course
    • Content
    • Structure and Navigation

Module 1: Minds and Machines

Core Idea: Empathy, understanding differences between humans and computers

  • Imagining how the world “looks” to a computer
    • Allows for richer understanding of potential engineering problems
  • Developing respect and understanding for diverse perspectives on problems
    • How our assumptions can affect generated solutions

Module 2: Algorithms

Core Idea: Understanding and developing algorithms

  • Defining what is an algorithm
  • Developing computational thinking skills
    • Practice understanding and developing your own algorithms

Module 3: AI & Machine Learning

Core Idea: Data can be used to train and change the behaviour of an algorithm

  • Practicing training an algorithm by providing labeled data
  • Understanding how data can be created from the real world
  • Unpacking the process of how an algorithm is trained

Module 4: Creative AI

Core Idea: AI can be used to enhance human creative abilities ****

  • Creating a story by using AI assisted tools to generate text, image and sound.
  • Learning about the future potential of AI

Module 5: AI and Society

Core Idea: Discussing the positive and negative impacts AI is having on society

  • Discuss potential pitfalls
    • Helps you become a better engineer
    • Protecting yourself and others from harmful effects
  • Emphasizing the influence humans have on the development of new technolog
  • Topics Include: Social Media, Bias, Automation

Module 6: Designing an App

Core Idea: Using what has been learned in the course to brainstorm and pitch an app idea. Optionally turn into a working prototype. ****

  • Learning the engineering design cycle and how to apply it
  • Generating solutions to real world problems by looking at the UN sustainable development goals

Frequently Asked Questions

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What technology/equipment do I need to take these courses?

This course involves using browser based activities which can be completed on any laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection.

A webcam is highly recommended for one activity, though is not strictly required.

Do I get anything upon completion?

Yes! Upon completion of each course you will receive a certificate along with access to the many resources!

Can I take these courses if I don't teach in BC?

Of course! Anyone can sign up for these courses. Our courses will reference BC's curriculum throughout, however, you could modify the activities to fit your local curriculum.

Do I need any materials to complete this course?

No, this course is reliant only upon browser based resources

Who can take this course?

Unfortunately, learners residing in one or more of the following countries or regions will not be able to register for this course: Iran, Cuba and the Crimea region of Ukraine. While edX has sought licenses from the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to offer our courses to learners in these countries and regions, the licenses we have received are not broad enough to allow us to offer this course in all locations. edX truly regrets that U.S. sanctions prevent us from offering all of our courses to everyone, no matter where they live.

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