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Learn Azure DevOps with online courses and programs

Understanding Azure DevOps can propel your software development skills and broaden your career options. Take online Azure DevOps courses from universities and institutions around the world on edX.

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a software as a service (SaaS) that provides a number of software development and IT operations capabilities.Footnote 1 It’s a specific software-based implementation of DevOps, a set of practices and processes for speeding up development life cycles and enabling continuous software delivery. The goal of Azure DevOps is to more effectively develop, deploy, and refine software.

In particular, Azure DevOps offers features such as:Footnote 2

  • Version control

  • Reporting

  • Project management

  • Build automation

  • Testing

  • Release management development functionalities

It’s offered to organizations through a software-as-a-service subscription model via Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.Footnote 3 This means that Azure DevOps will be continually updated, refined, and relevant well into the future.

Organizations that use Azure DevOps in their daily operations can build new products and improve existing ones at a faster pace than with traditional development approaches. This is because Azure DevOps works similarly to Agile development, where application versions are continually refined, tested, and updated to address shifting customer requirements and market realities.

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Azure DevOps tutorial curriculum

Azure DevOps training courses may begin with software development fundamentals since many Azure DevOps jobs require coding and software design skills. Learners could first study a programming language such as Java, PHP, Python, C++, or C#.Footnote 4 Then, they could learn how to write a suitable program that deploys via Azure DevOps.

Next, an Azure DevOps course might dive into valuable core DevOps principles and practices. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Continuous integration (CI) and its role in software delivery

  • Continuous deployment and continuous delivery (CD) to Azure DevOps pipelines

  • Serverless functions that run on any cloud-based Azure DevOps services

  • DevOps’ philosophy and importance to modern software development

Finally, learners could apply their knowledge to build, deploy, and continually refine Azure DevOps applications through the Azure DevOps platform.Footnote 5 edX offers a variety of courses and learning options to help new and experienced developers alike learn valuable Azure DevOps skills.

Azure DevOps jobs

Once you’ve gained Azure DevOps experience, you may be prepared to begin exploring Azure DevOps jobs such as:

  • DevOps engineer: Develop and deploy software that adheres to DevOps principles and practices.Footnote 6

  • Azure DevOps engineer: Focus on the Azure DevOps platform.Footnote 7

  • Cloud computing engineer: Leverage DevOps fundamentals to develop software that lives on the cloud.Footnote 8

  • Cloud consultant: Coach businesses on maximizing value from their cloud services and engineering.Footnote 9

Learning Azure DevOps does not guarantee that you have the skills required for the Azure DevOps jobs listed above. Some positions may require knowledge of other technical skills which can be acquired through a boot camp, a bachelor's degree, or master’s degree.

How to use Azure DevOps as a software engineer

Software engineers can use Azure DevOps and the Azure DevOps API to collaborate with fellow developers, project managers, quality assurance analysts, and other contributors. Whether a developer chooses Azure DevOps Services or DevOps Server, their code can integrate with their existing GitHub repository. 

Azure DevOps works in many contexts without the need to change coding style or programming language. Its features are accessible to programmers through popular web browsers like Google Chrome and integrated development environment clients like Visual Studio. 

Azure DevOps Services, the cloud-based Azure DevOps solution, offers:

  • Fast setup

  • Maintenance-free operations

  • Cross-collaboration

  • Scalability

  • High security

Conversely, Azure DevOps Server, the local, on-site Azure DevOps solution, offers similar features but without internet connectivity. It may be suitable for teams that want to collaborate on offline data and intellectual property, then deploy completed software later.Footnote 10

Learners who are keen to learn more about Azure DevOps can explore online bachelor of data science and computer science degrees or try a coding boot camp.