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AdelaideX: Build an Agile Team

Gain knowledge and awareness of Agile methodologies and explore how to take your team from a current state to an Agile state.

4 weeks
1–2 hours per week
Progress at your own speed
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Starts Dec 11

About this course

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Explore Agile practices with the University of Adelaide

Agile methodology is a mindset that enables managers and teams to continuously learn and improve what they do and how they do it, driving performance and innovation through iterative practices.

On this four-week course from the University of Adelaide, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to elevate the performance of your teams through improved collaboration, efficiency, and adaptation to change.

You’ll transform your management style as you explore how to take your team from your current state through to an Agile state by building roadmaps for change.

Understand the purpose of Agile methodology

You’ll learn to define Agile as you explore how it differs from other methodologies.

With this deep dive, you’ll understand the benefits of Agile, what this might look like in practice, and the key terminology to help you communicate with your team.

Unpack Agile values and principles

Next, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the values and principles of Agile as you learn to apply these to a workplace scenario.

With this knowledge, you’ll learn how you can apply Agile to diverse team contexts. You’ll also understand how the different Agile tools could work for your team as you unpack diverse examples.

Develop your Agile roadmap

Finally, you’ll learn how to set your team up for success as you outline your Agile roadmap.

You’ll learn key techniques to apply Agile specifically to your context and work to ensure a smooth transition into Agile teams.

This course is designed for new or emerging managers, or team leaders from any industry.

You may also have been in management for a longer period of time and you’re looking to upskill and update your approach to management.

At a glance

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What you'll learn

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By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Describe the nature, role and benefits of Agile Teams.
  • Identify the principles and values of Agile ways of working.
  • Explain the use case for Agile Teams in diverse contexts.
  • Critique a roadmap for transitioning to Agile Teams.

Week 1: What is Agile?

  • Define Agile and how it differs from other methodologies - Let's explore definitions of Agile, and compare it to other methodologies. Agile differs by being an incremental and iterative approach.
  • The benefits of an Agile approach - Gain insights into why Agile is worthwhile and envisage the benefits for your team.
  • Terminology is key to Agile - Agile is a specific methodology. You can promote better engagement by knowing the correct terminology.

Week 2: Values and principles of Agile

  • Understanding the values of Agile - A deeper dive into Agile's four values.
  • Learning the Agile principles - Twelve principles to remember
  • Applying Agile practices - Putting principles into practice.

Week 3: Agile in diverse team contexts

  • Exploring Agile in practice - Applications in service delivery, product development, and project management.
  • Consciously deploying Agile - When can your Agile team excel?
  • Teams and tools of Agile - Roles, responsibilities, and tech for Agile

Week 4: Your Agile roadmap

  • The Agile roadmap - Visualise your Agile project.
  • Developing Agile capability - Identifying needs and enabling learning.

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