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State Bank of India: Professionalism, Grooming and Etiquette

Professionalism, Grooming and Etiquette

4 weeks
1–3 hours per week
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About this course

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* What is meant by professionalism? How does it help?

* How can one learn and develop professionalism?

* Why is it important to be well groomed?

* How can one be well groomed?

* Why etiquette? Social and business etiquette.

* Rules of etiquette

If you are interested in the answers to the above questions,

If you want to be well groomed,

If you want to behave like and be recognised as a professional,

then this course is for you.

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills: Professionalism

What you'll learn

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You will Learn

* Behavioural and communication skills for professionals

* Essentials of grooming

* Rules of business etiquette

Week 1: What is professionalism?

i. What makes a professional? (Traits)

ii. How does the professional behave? (Skills)

Week 2: Communication skills for professionals

i. Language skills: What’s the right word?

ii. Body language

iii. Listening skills

iv. How to make presentations

Week 3: Personal grooming essentials

i. Creating the first impression

ii. What does the well dressed man wear?

iii. What does the well dressed woman wear?

iv. Personal hygiene and habits

Week 4. Business Etiquette - I

i. Social and business etiquette

ii. Rules of introduction

iii. Office etiquette

iv. Meetings

v. Dining etiquette

Week 5. Business Etiquette - II

i. Business cards

ii. E-mail etiquette

iii. Cell phone etiquette

iv. Netiquette

v. Social networks

vi. Webinars

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