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TsinghuaX: Will China Rise as a Disruptive Force? The Insiders’ Perspective

An insiders’ perspective on the economic, social and political impact of China’s rise on the world stage.

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About this course

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China, one of the world’s oldest countries, is currently undergoing massive political, social and economic changes. The rapid emergence of China as a key player in the global political and economic landscape has led many to question how China’s decision makers perceive today’s world. What are their views on major global affairs? How does Chinese history and philosophy shape their outlook of the world? What are the prospects for China’s future economic growth?

This course helps learners understand the rise of modern China from an insiders’ perspective with insight from three of China’s leading social philosophy, international relations and economic experts.

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills:Economic Growth, Microsoft Outlook, International Relations

What you'll learn

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  • Part 1 : China’s worldview, what makes China unique, challenges China is facing and how the country may overcome these
  • Part 2 : History of China’s development over the past 100 years, political issues that China is facing, and self-corrective mechanisms in China’s political system.
  • Part 3 : History of China’s foreign policy, how China’s diplomacy has evolved and factors that determine China’s current foreign policy strategy.

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