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What is Computer Graphics?

Computer graphics are responsible for everything you see in a video game, website, CGI movie, or anything else that relies on computers to create pictures and movies. Graphic design involves building these images and movies. We use computers to build so much of our visuals that practically everything we watch has some element of computer science involved. Your computer screen can transform your ideas into a real life drawing or movie, giving you access to creative expression rarely seen in previous generations.

Learn about Computer Graphics

3D computer graphics are simple to learn but may take a while to master fully. Creating realistic images using computer programs is a vital part of a lot of the entertainment industry, so mastering these programs gives you access to a rewarding creative career. Computer-aided design is available to anyone with a modern computer, provided you have enough processing power. With personal computers more powerful than ever, we're getting closer to the full capability of GPUs designed for image processing. Your career could be closer than you think.

Computer Graphics Courses and Certifications

Mastering these concepts is easier when you have the right support. has partnered with leading institutions in the design space to provide you with practical courses and tools to learn computer graphics and build expertise. You could begin with UC San Diego's introduction to Computer Graphics where you'll learn to create images in 3D in real time and with ray tracing. You'll learn the basics with open-source tools and basic data structures. You can also take part in Rochester Institute of Technology's Video Game Asset and Creation where you'll gain an understanding not only of graphics but also the entire process from start to finish. Those of you on a scientific visualization track could also take IBM's Visualizing Data with Python. Other options include CGI and Animation (Columbia), Virtual Reality App Development (UC San Diego) and Computer Science for Game Development (Harvard). For language basics, there are plenty of courses available to teach you Java, HTML, or C++, two common graphics languages.

Explore What Computer Graphics Can Do For Your Career

3D graphics aren't just cool computer animations. They're advancing how we visualize data, understand science, and provide real-world value in a variety of fields. Your skills could help create models that better capture our understanding of the past or build the coolest new videogame using NVidia graphics chips. Help companies and organizations improve user interfaces, build better interactive sites, explore data stories, and keep up with the latest graphics trends. Your creative skills are in demand, so build your toolkit and find those dream collaborations.