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LouvainX: Conflict Management: Negotiation

Learn the fundamentals of negotiation as a conflict management strategy and identify the strategies that will lead you to optimal outcomes and negotiation success.

Conflict Management: Negotiation
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About this course

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Negotiation is an essential skill. We negotiate every day, in all spheres of our existence: at work, with family, friends etc. whether we intend to share material goods, solve a divergence of interests or reconcile different desires, dreams, tastes, colors etc. we negotiate constantly. Yet, many of us lack negotiation skills mainly because we often fail to identify optimal options that satisfy our own interest and the other person’s interests simultaneously.

Indeed, human beings pursue motivations, develop expectations, biases and emotions. They analyze the information presented to them and make decisions across the spectrum of their own cognitive boundaries. Their actions fluctuate depending on the situation or their personality. All these variables not only influence people's behavior but, more fundamentally, they alter the very dynamics of dispute resolution.

In this course, which mixes theories and practical exercises, you will get acquainted with the negotiation process as a cooperative conflict management strategy. The course will highlight the variables that influence negotiators’ behaviors and strategies. It will provide you with a detailed understanding of the psychological processes at play before, during and after any negotiation.

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What you'll learn

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  • Analyze and model situations of negotiation
  • Learn to negotiate optimally and master strategies leading to mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Identify the roles of emotions and cognition in negotiation
  • Understand what makes negotiators feel satisfied

This course is part of Psychology of Conflict Management Professional Certificate Program

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