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Criminology Courses

Take free online criminology courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn criminology and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

learn criminology

learn criminology

What is Criminology?

Criminology is the scientific study of crime, its causes, prevention methods, and anything related. Criminologists work through various means to control, reduce, and prevent crime within civil society. It's a disciplinary field between social science and behavioral science, drawing expertise from fields as diverse as psychology, biology, and philosophy. The field of criminology has a long history, but modern methods of criminal justice take a more holistic approach to the concept of crime. As we move to restorative forms of justice for the good of our society, it's essential to understand key theories of crime and how they relate to our system.

Learn Criminology

The field is extensive, and your work can take many forms. Social work involves victims affected by crime. Law enforcement implements the laws we have, and public policy determines the direction we head with criminal justice. You'll need a wide range of coursework to be successful in the field, so be prepared to learn. Criminology and criminal justice is a hot field, and your understanding of the causes of crime and the ripple effects it has on society as a whole could put you at the forefront of an exciting career. Be sure you're ready with courses designed to help you succeed. Criminology Courses and Certifications You can take courses from designed in partnership with institutions leading the way in the study of criminal justice. The University of Queensland offers a course designed to teach you the psychology fundamentals of crime while Victoria offers restorative justice concepts. You can learn about a range of justice work from juvenile justice to public policy and all kinds of deviant behavior in between with IDB's course on Citizen Security and Justice management. You can learn how human behavior within the justice system affects those incarcerated with a session on American Prison Writing. Courses that teach both fundamentals, philosophical foundations, and that help humanize the career field are vital for new methods of crime prevention. Prepare for the world of the future with the knowledge you need.

Explore Careers in Criminal Justice

Degree programs can lead the way for you to make strides in making society safer and more just. Criminal Justice agencies are looking for sharp minds to build new models of justice for American society and beyond, moving from heavy-handed methods of social control to systems that preserve freedoms while deterring crime. There are so many social problems yet to be solved, but your work within the field of criminology could help create a community that protects the vulnerable and helps those who make terrible choices become contributing members of society in whatever capacity they can. It's vital work for the future of our world, and the criminal justice system needs capable thinkers.