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Customer-Centric Innovation Courses

Learn about Customer-Centric Innovation and more on edX today!

learn customer-centric innovation

learn customer-centric innovation

What is Customer-Centric Innovation?

Customer centricity puts the customer right in the middle of the innovation process. Customers give feedback at each iteration stage and pivot based on that feedback. Customer-centric companies use that customer experience to drive product development at every step. Customer-centric strategies drive innovation by allowing true customer needs to lead the way. Companies that focus heavily on what customers want before creating an end to end product have a better chance of succeeding at market because feedback from customers at each stage has created a more desirable product or service overall. This customer-centric approach is a well-established business strategy that accounts for design thinking and researches market opportunity before making a move. This "co-creation" between designers and customers allows companies to innovate with fewer risks and brings better products to the table.

Learn Customer-Centric Innovation

If you're going to be in research and development, lead product teams, or even start your own company, understanding the basics of customer-centric innovation is a vital piece of knowledge. EdX offers courses and certifications in customer-centric innovation as well as comparable fields, including design thinking and innovation. In partnership with leading institutions in the field, edX can offer top-quality courses to students around the world. You can take them on your own schedule, providing plenty of time and incentive to learn with the best in the field.

Customer-Centric Innovation Courses and Programs

edX has a variety of courses and certifications in this space, including a professional certification program offered by the University System of Maryland and the University of Maryland Global Campus, Applied Entrepreneurship. You'll learn the foundational skills for starting your business, ideation, and scaling for growth and sustainability. This course series will teach you the market research skills innovators use to develop their product and how to take that product to market. You'll also learn other skills necessary to build a business that has a sustainable future. RITx offers a micro-masters program in Design Thinking to teach similar skills for breaking down silos in business and understanding the co-creation skills of multiple departments and the customer. Other options include a course on Lean Manufacturing from MIT and Product Development from Boston University. These are just a few of many courses designed for product makers and innovators.​Consider Customer-Centric Innovation Putting customers first in development helps research and development teams reduce fruitless product iterations and creates a relationship between the company and the customer. Including the customer in the business model beyond just marketing could be a way to develop products that solve real problems and reduce risk. Allow edX to help you learn the foundations you need to create an incredible customer journey that drives your innovation efforts. You could land your newest idea on fruitful ground and make a difference.