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Learn DAEMON Tools with online courses and programs

DAEMON Tools is a software program that enables users to mount disk images, create bootable USB drives, and emulate virtual drives. Learn how to use DAEMON Tools with courses delivered through edX.

What is DAEMON Tools?

Short for disk and execution monitor tools, DAEMON Tools is a virtual drive software that allows users to mount CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray images on their computer. It’s available for Windows and macOS operating systems.Footnote 1 A virtual drive acts like a physical hard drive. It contains a file system, so it can store operating systems, applications, and other data files.Footnote 2 This eliminates the need to insert a disk into a computer, which is useful for devices that lack optical drives.

DAEMON Tools offers a range of features, including:

  • Disk imaging and editing: Mount different types of disk image files, such as MDX, MDS, and ISO. You can also convert image files into other formats.

  • Bootable USB: Create a bootable USB that can run an operating system (OS) separately from your main OS.

  • iSCSI Initiator: Use an internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) initiator to turn a computer into a storage area network. This allows them to share virtual and physical optical drives.

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DAEMON Tools course curriculum

Because DAEMON Tools is compatible with most operating systems, nearly anyone who uses a computer can benefit from learning how to use DAEMON Tools. A DAEMON Tools tutorial can help you get started with the basics, such as how to:

  • Install and set up DAEMON Tools.

  • Mount different types of image files.

  • Convert files to different formats.

  • Edit and compress image files.

  • Copy and burn a data disk or audio CDs.

A more advanced DAEMON Tools course may cover how to:

  • Create and password protect a bootable USB.

  • Configure iSCSI initiator to access target devices.

  • Create RAM disks to improve computer performance.

For learners interested in diving deeper into coursework about imaging software like DAEMON Tools, edX offers a range of learning options. Boot camps covering a variety of technical topics can prepare you to use DAEMON Tools for web development, data analytics, and other IT industries. You can also explore bachelor’s degree programs in computer science or a related field, which can cover topics that may overlap with a DAEMON Tools tutorial. 

Professionals who already work in a technical field, or who have relevant experience and want to pivot into a new field, may find a master’s degree program helpful in meeting their goals. Otherwise, executive education programs from edX allow professionals to upskill on a flexible schedule.

Explore jobs that can use DAEMON Tools

A common use case for disk imaging software like DAEMON Tools is to create backups of physical disks and “burn” or copy the data to a blank CD. However, software developers can use DAEMON Tools to create a virtual hard drive (VHD) and run applications that may not otherwise work with their OS. For example, it can let a developer run Windows applications even if they have a Mac. They can also create bootable USB drives to test software.Footnote 3

Other professionals, like network administrators, can use DAEMON Tools to mount all types of image files and distribute them without the need for physical media. They can also configure an iSCSI Initiator to access remote virtual and physical devices, create disk images of software on CDs, and distribute those images across the network without the need for physical disks.Footnote 4

Information security analysts can also benefit from using DAEMON Tools. By using the software to create virtual environments for testing different security configurations, they can simulate different scenarios and identify vulnerabilities.Footnote 5 Training in related areas like coding can supplement learners’ knowledge. Build your programming skills with coding boot camps powered by edX. 

Educational requirements vary for jobs that may use software like DAEMON Tools. For example, software developers may need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.Footnote 6 However, some employers may hire applicants with relevant work experience.