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JaverianaX: Protección de datos personales en la era digital

Learn concepts, principles, roles, trends and tensions on privacy and protection of personal data that arise when processing personal data in the digital age.

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About this course

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This online course will help you understand the concepts of privacy and protection of personal data in the digital economy, as well as the general principles and rules for the online processing of personal data, as a first step in approaching this subject, which is fundamental for any organization, government, business or enterprise that operates in this digital world.

It is important to learn how, in the era of digital connections, agents that process personal data interact and how there are legal and public policy challenges related to the management of privacy and protection of personal data that arise for all those who use or provide technologies. and digital services.

We live in a world driven by data, where public and private organizations of all types of origin, size and nature, have large amounts of data that, processed with digital tools and services such as cloud computing or advanced data analytics tools, such as those present in Artificial Intelligence, have the potential to help economic and social growth, provide more and better public and private services, and create new market opportunities. Part of this information corresponds to personal data about clients, suppliers, citizens, patients, students, community members, and interested parties in personal data in general. Every agent in our digital society and economy now processes this type of personal data.

This online course offers you a structure for learning the fundamental topics related to privacy and the protection of personal data in the digital age, which will help you navigate the daily challenges that arise when processing personal data in the digital age.

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  • Associated skills:Public Policies, Data Analysis, Management, Economics, Market Opportunities, Cloud Computing, Entrepreneurship, Information Privacy

What you'll learn

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  • Fundamental notions of privacy and data protection.
  • History, principles, positions and approaches to data protection and the interrelation between the protection of personal data and privacy.
  • Basic concepts and common elements of data protection laws applied to technology, responsibility of the different agents, territorial application and needs for regulatory harmonization.
  • Protection of personal data in the digital ecosystem; challenges and tensions derived from the use of digital platforms, tools and services and how to face them.

Week 1: Fundamental notions of personal data protection and privacy

The course explains the meaning of personal data, who is responsible and in charge, what international data transfers and transmissions are, the reason for personal data protection laws, what it means to process personal data, and how these concepts They occur when using digital tools and the internet.

Week 2: History, principles and positions on personal data and privacy.

In order to better understand these notions, the course shows the origins of the concepts and why they are so important in the digital age. Since history is not linear, there are many ways to address issues of privacy and personal data protection from the legal and regulatory models that have emerged around the world.

Week 3: Basic concepts and essential elements in the laws.

The protection of personal data and privacy have elements in common. This module delves into these common elements and explains the importance of data flows for the functioning of the Internet and the application of digital information processing technologies. It also goes into depth about the roles and responsibilities of the agents, and their relationships.

Week 4: Protection of personal data in the digital environment.

There are important challenges around the processing of personal data when using digital information processing technologies, as well as the use or provision of digital services and platforms. This course will identify some of these tensions and offer elements to address them.

This course is part of Gestión de la protección de datos personales en línea Professional Certificate Program

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