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Interesting content has the potential to capture the attention of digital window shoppers and turn them into loyal customers and brand enthusiasts. Learn digital content creation with online courses delivered through edX.

What is digital content creation?

A content strategy for print media does not always translate to success on digital platforms. Businesses and organizations need an online presence. Digital content creation is the process of producing written or visual content specifically for digital channels. The process of digital content creation includes developing an idea, identifying the best format for delivery, producing the copy, audio, video or visual assets, and publishing the content online. Content can be distributed to target audiences through social media, websites, and other digital channels. Those interested in digital marketing can specialize in graphic design, copywriting, email writing, video creation, and search engine optimization (SEO), although many digital content creators may be required to do all of these tasks.

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Why is digital content creation important?

Content can help brands get noticed online and attract organic traffic to their sites. As companies and organizations build out their digital presence through websites and apps, marketers can create unique content that is tailored to the different audiences in these specialized spaces. Content can range from digital cookbooks for the holidays to live fashion shows for luxury brands.

Digital content creation courses and certifications

From foundational tutorials to advanced courses, a variety of educational opportunities are available that can fit different learners’ needs. edX makes it easy to explore all available training and certificate options.

Learners can enroll in courses that cover topics such as audience segmentation, SEO tactics, social media planning, and visual content creation with tools used to design graphics or illustrations. Learn digital marketing strategy with lessons on how to build marketing campaigns, capture key metrics, and develop effective workflow. Or take more advanced courses that teach about brand awareness, consumer behavior, and marketing analytics. 

Even aspiring video creators have options that can fit their needs with courses that teach storyboard techniques and best practices for producing, shooting, and editing video.

Careers in digital content creation

Digital content creation can be a rewarding career for anyone who enjoys brainstorming ideas and transforming them into eye-catching and engaging articles, videos, and podcasts. Online content creation courses can set you down a path toward a thriving career as a digital marketer or a manager of a marketing team. Begin your learning journey today with edX.

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