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A mapping framework like Dozer can help developers copy data from one object to another, keep track of important information, and streamline software development. Learn Dozer with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Dozer in Java?

Before understanding Dozer, it’s important to first define JavaBeans and bean mapping frameworks. These elements are crucial for effectively using the Java programming language and building large-scale, multifaceted web, app, or software applications. A JavaBean is a reusable class that consists of multiple objects, making it easier for developers to reuse content when building more complex applications or projects.Footnote 1 A bean mapping framework further streamlines the development process by eliminating the need for repetitive writing and offering a simpler code configuration.Footnote 2

To create a multilayered Java application, developers need a way to seamlessly transfer a certain amount of data from one JavaBean to another. However, doing this manually requires an extensive amount of code, and can become repetitive. That’s where Dozer comes in. 

Dozer is a mapping framework that relies on APL/XML configuration to copy data from one object to another, or convert different types of models like data transfer objects (DTO).Footnote 3 As an open-source, flexible, configurable, and reusable resource, it supports various types of JavaBean mapping, such as simple, implicit, explicit, bi-directional, and recursive mapping.Footnote 4 Dozer can be ideal for software developers who want to save time and reduce the amount of code they have to write for large applications.

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Dozer course curriculum

Developers may want to learn Dozer to develop applications more efficiently, especially if they work for a sizable enterprise and need an easier, quicker way to copy data objects between JavaBeans. However, it can be difficult searching for a Dozer class that teaches everything from the foundations to more complex concepts. 

Dozer may be included in Java courses as developers need a strong working knowledge of Java as a programming language. For instance, learning about object-oriented programming, algorithms, exceptions, and data structures can help them better understand why Dozer is a useful mapping framework for multilayered software or application development. 

Explore how the wide range of courses offered through edX can accommodate your coding background and long-term career goals.

Jobs that use Dozer

Most careers that rely on Dozer are involved in some type of development, as mapping is used for building multiple layers into an application or software. Some examples include:

  • Software development. Because Java is an object-oriented programming language, it allows developers to reuse existing code for large projects. During the development process, Dozer makes it easier to copy data objects and gradually add layers into the software.

  • Mobile application development. Similar to software, mobile app architecture consists of multiple interfaces that require different types of models to come together. Dozer is equipped to convert these accordingly.

  • Web development. Java helps add dynamic elements to websites where users can interact with the interface in various ways. This can easily complicate the web development process. With the Dozer mapping framework, developers may cut down on their manual tasks and use less written code. 

Are you looking for Dozer jobs, but don’t know how to begin your educational journey? Consider earning an online bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field or enroll in a boot camp to gain direct, hands-on experience with programming. 

How to learn Dozer online

If you want to learn Dozer online, there are multiple educational opportunities that can help. Consider enrolling in a coding boot camp or data analytics boot camp or explore a degree program, such as bachelor’s in data or computer science to strengthen your knowledge of programming languages, technology, data structures, and more. After building enough confidence in Java, try using some of its mapping frameworks to copy data between objects and cut down on development time. 

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