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Drones Courses

Learn about Drones and more with online coures and lessons on edX today!

learn drones

learn drones

What are Drones?

Drones are remote control flying machines capable of handling a variety of tasks. While organizations like the military have been using drones for a long time, the general public now has greater access to quality, easy to fly drones for a variety of purposes. Some people use drones to make art with camera angles and a wide range of actions. Others use drones in racing or other extreme sports hobbies. Industries are also getting into drones, using them for checking on crops, reaching places where it's tough for humans to go, and extending the reach of oversight through a simple maneuver.

Learn about Drones

These unmanned aerial vehicles offer real-time videos and a better way to move around in places where it's tough for humans to go. Whether you're a hobbyist who wants to play with the latest technology or you have FAA clearance for higher scale projects, learning about the latest drone technology could help you. It can also help you when choosing your drone. It's important to consider features like wifi connectivity, battery life, remote control features, and flight time. Getting the wrong drone for the job can put a damper on your plans, so let's take a look at what you might need to know.

Drone Courses and Certifications

edX offers courses and certifications designed in partnership with leaders in the field, doing amazing things with autonomous robotics. You can study what goes into building a drone or understand how drones fit into specific industries. Most drones are ready to fly. For an overview of how that happens, PennX offers a course on Robotics to teach you about dynamics and control. For targeted information, USM provides an overview of Drones and Autonomous Systems for specific understandings of those mechanics. For industry-specific information, Wageningen offers a course on Drones and Agriculture, and USM offers a course on applications in Emergency Systems. Each class is designed to provide the basis for how autonomous systems can change our understanding of robotics.

Applications for Drones

These miniature quadcopters are more than just a hobby. Camera drones can help with security. Smartphones put art and video in the hands of budding filmmakers. The best drones available are suddenly affordable for the general public, whether it's a DJI Mavic 2 Pro or that mini drone from a big box store. Selfie drones, racing drones, and other ready to fly small drones have applications in both the personal and professional world. Understand flight modes and building drone applications across a variety of platforms (iOS and Android included) with courses from edX and understand how professional, consumer drones are changing our world.