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Using statistical models to explain recurring relationships provides an understanding of where the economy is and where it could be in the future. Take courses in econometrics and learn to use statistical models to develop meaningful insights.

What is econometrics?

Econometrics explores the relationship between statistical analysis and empirical content. It analyzes economic variables using mathematical models to make predictions and forecasts, and to explain recurring incidents. Models are used to link one economic variable to another based on available data sets. 

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Econometrics course curriculum

Econometricians use statistical inference to describe economic relationships. Advanced mathematical skills are important for aspiring practitioners who will need to design and execute statistical models. Introductory online courses combine mathematical principles with econometric theory, the methodology of econometrics, and data analysis. Courses cover how professionals collect data points for analysis and utilize statistical tools to interpret real-world data. Learners will also develop valuable competencies, like the ability to predict interest rates based on economic data and provide commentary on monetary policy using probability distribution.

Jobs in econometrics

Econometricians want to know the maximum likelihood of events and relationships so they can plan and pivot accordingly. A background in econometrics may open the door to professional opportunities in the social sciences where practitioners delve deep into human behavior and uncover patterns. Alternatively, knowledge of econometrics can help professionals inform policy-making or conduct research on economic movements.

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