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Islamic Development Bank Institute: Islamic Finance and Capital Markets: Structure and Trading of Sukuk

Learn about advanced Islamic financial instruments, including Sukuk, which commonly refers to the Islamic equivalent of bonds, and the challenges and innovations within Islamic markets.

Islamic Finance and Capital Markets: Structure and Trading of Sukuk
4 weeks
3–4 hours per week
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About this course

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This finance course will provide learners with an overview of the principles and practices of Islamic financial and capital markets. You will learn about advanced Islamic financial instruments and the challenges in the development of Islamic financial markets. In addition, this course explains the trading operations of various markets in Islamic financial system.

No previous knowledge is needed.

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills: Financial Instrument, Capital Markets, Financial Market, Finance, Operations

What you'll learn

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  • Introductory overview of Islamic finance and capital markets
  • Innovations in Islamic Markets
  • Securitisation in Islamic Finance
  • Structure of Sukuk
  • Categories of Sukuk

Week 1 - Innovations in Islamic Markets

  • Introductory overview of Islamic finance and capital markets
  • Key Innovative Activities Shaping Financial Markets
  • The Islamic Financial System and Financial Engineering
  • Derivatives and the Islamic Financial Markets
  • Historical Financial Innovation in Islamic Finance
  • Scope of Islamic Financial Engineering
  • Approaches for Financial Innovation in Islamic Finance
  • Challenges to Innovation in Islamic Markets

Week 2 - Securitisation in Islamic Finance

  • Sukuk as a Sharī‘ah-Compliant Instrument
  • Framework for an Islamic Capital Market
  • Securitisation and Sukuk
  • More about Sukuk
  • Advantages and Pricing of Sukuk
  • Parties in a Sukuk Issue

Week 3 - Structure of Sukuk

  • Chapter Introduction
  • Classes of Securitised Papers
  • The SPV
  • Types of Permissible Sukuk

Week 4 – Categories of Sukuk

  • Muqaradah or Mudarabah Sukuk
  • Musharakah Sukuk
  • Basics of Ijarah Sukuk
  • Aspects of Ownership, Rent and Expenses
  • Basics of Salam Sukuk
  • Istisna‘a Sukuk
  • Murabaha Sukuk
  • Mixed Sukuk

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