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ColumbiaX: Blended Learning Toolkit

This course provides an overview of the history of digital education, as well as practical guides for implementing online tools in your classroom. It draws on the Leveling the Learning Curve book, exclusive interviews from EdTech industry leaders, and best practices taken from Columbia University and peer institutions.

4 weeks
1–10 hours per week
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About this course

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This class is designed for teaching and learning professionals, program directors, professors and others interested in implementing digital education programs at their institutions.

It includes both an overview of the recent history of digital education initiatives, suggestions on managing and organizing digital education projects, and guides to the basics of blended learning, backwards course design, the planning of digital education projects, class filming, zoom use, and digital class delivery.

This course builds on examples and best practices from Columbia University and peer institutions around the world, and draws on the more than 50 interviews conducted in the research of the Leveling the Learning Curve book project.

It also shares insights and tips from leaders of top digital education programs at leading universities around the world, and includes “From Theory to Practice” interviews with top thinkers from peer institutions such as Stanford, Penn, ASU, Dartmouth, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley and many others, as well as leaders from the Digital Education divisions of the World Bank, UNDP, and PBS Learning Media.

It also includes excerpts to panel discussions from the "Leveling The Learning Curve" conference, and downloadable tips and guides to help you as you set up your own digital education units at your university or college.

Information covered in this course includes digital education administration, theories of online teaching and learning, and implementation of HyFlex learning classrooms.

It is available to audit in free mode, or you can take this to qualify for “Certificate in Blended Course Design”.

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  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills:Zoom (Video Conferencing Tool), Educational Administration, Teaching, Research, Online Teaching, HyFlex Model, Auditing, Blended Learning, Planning

What you'll learn

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Through this course, learners will gain insight into the history of online education, including the factors leading to its initial implementation, early years, and evolution. From there, learners will gain access to insider knowledge of digital tools in higher education through exclusive interviews with academics at top universities and innovators in the EdTech industry. Students will also view panel discussions conducted at the "Leveling the Learning Curve" conference, which brought the brightest minds in online education together for discussions on the future of the EdTech industry. Finally, students will learn how to design, implement, and run a online education programs with digital tools through practical guides to creating digital content — including shooting videos and producing flipped classes — as taught by professionals in the field. Students will also have access to supplemental material in the Leveling the Learning Curve book, a guide to online education in the 21st Century. Upon completing the course, students will holistically understand digital tools in online education and how to use them effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of material is covered in the course?

Information covered in this course includes digital education administration, theories of online teaching and learning, and implementation of HyFlex learning classrooms.

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