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HBKUx: Navigating Peace Education in Times of Conflict

The first of its kind, this course develops leadership capacity for conflict resolution and social cohesion in the community and organizations as well as in the classroom. Participants will be able to plan, operationalize, and manage peace-building initiatives, assess impact, and contribute policy recommendations for sustainable peace.

Navigating Peace Education in Times of Conflict
6 weeks
1–3 hours per week
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About this course

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Violent conflict, a common occurrence in many regions and social contexts, usually results in:

  • Loss of valuable life and resources.
  • Delayed economic development.
  • Low human development.

Existing courses have tackled the role that religion plays in contemporary conflict, and the legal and historical frameworks shaping the professionalization of the humanitarian field. This unique six-module course is therefore timely as it brings multiple related perspectives in the peace education domain together.

While it highlights the importance of a peace-focused curriculum and the role of classroom teachers, this course will also benefit practitioners in the humanitarian field e.g., aid workers, policymakers, senior students (Masters and Ph.D.) in the field of education, as well as ordinary citizens, by inspiring participants to reflect on community-based responses to conflict and disasters and equipping them with the practical tools and strategies that they need to promote and maintain peace whatever their role and wherever they are.

The course exposes participants to peace trends and related global issues, and in particular, includes hands-on components to help them start building potential solutions to impact their own communities.

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What you'll learn

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This course will provide you with the tools you need to play an active role in conflict-sensitive contexts to promote social cohesion. You will learn:

  • How you can utilize your capacities for peacebuilding leadership at different levels (family, local, regional, national, and international).
  • How youth, entrepreneurship, and personal development contribute to peace initiatives.
  • How to identify and engage the key stakeholders in your community, for peace.
  • How to build peacebuilding capacity into the curriculum and support teachers to impact peace.
  • Practical peacebuilding strategies that communities can employ to enhance social cohesion.
  • Module 1 : Foundational Concepts and Terminology.

  • Module 2 : Key Issues and Trends.

  • Module 3 : The Triangle of Peace – Education, Legislation, Mediation.

  • Module 4 : Planning for and assessing Impact.

  • Module 5 : Operationalizing your Strategy.

  • Module 6 : Final Assessment/ Recap.

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