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StellenboschX: Reimagining higher education teaching in the age of AI

This course provides an exploration of the evolving role of higher education in the context of AI advancements. Participants will examine the concept of AI literacies and their significance in navigating the AI landscape in the context of what future graduates will need to thrive. Emphasis is placed on values-based approaches and considerations for incorporating user-facing AI in higher education, along with discussions on human-machine relationships and preparing for an AI-infused future.

Reimagining higher education teaching in the age of AI
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About this course

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The course is structured around three themes:

AI and HE: What is the hype about?

Here we look at the question: Could AI be the much-needed opportunity for higher education to reimagine teaching, learning, and assessment practices? To begin answering this, we will first explore where we are and how we got here and then investigate the intersection and interplay of AI and HE.

Re-imagining the HE-landscape in the age of AI

The logical follow-up question is: What do our graduates need from us and what will the world need from them? We don't know what the future holds, but we do know that it will be AI-infused. Assuming that human-machine relationships will be key to the successful navigation of this uncharted territory, we will look at AI literacies as a means of cultivating futures-readiness. To this end, we will delve deeper into key topics, such as understanding the possibilities, risks, and limitations of AI. We will also explore practical applications of AI tools, fostering critical thinking skills, and adopting a values-based approach to responsible AI use.

Responding to the invitation to change

The final question to consider, is: How can we prepare our graduates for the future? Reframing of the AI disruption as an invitation to change, we will look at possible responses to achieving the requisite literacies. To better understand how these skills can be applied in practice, we will analyse examples and case studies from various sources. You will also be afforded an opportunity to apply some of the thinking to your own context.

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What you'll learn

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This course is designed for any professional, involved with teaching in the higher education context, who is interested in the interaction between user-facing AI tools and education.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of AI on teaching in HE.
  • Describe key AI terms and concepts, such as LLM, generative AI, and other types of AI relevant to HE.
  • Discuss ways of thinking about human relationships with machines with a view on to uncertain futures.
  • Discuss the components of AI literacies as well as their importance and value.
  • Highlight the criticality of a values-based approach to the responsible use of AI.
  • Considerations of user-facing AI tools in HE.

This course is part of AI in Higher Education Professional Certificate Program

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