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University of British Columbia: Online Course Development: Planning and Implementation

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Determine key considerations for preparing and developing an online course or program, from technology selection to change management.

Online Course Development: Planning and Implementation
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About this course

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Successful online education requires substantial groundwork before instructors can get started on course design and delivery. Designed for educators, administrators and educational leaders required to make decisions about digital learning technologies and frameworks, this short course prepares you to confidently navigate this process and build the crucial foundations for rewarding remote learning experiences. ****

Learn amongst a vibrant and diverse community of educators, and gain essential knowledge for developing and supporting an effective online learning environment), including conducting a needs assessment, forming a strategic plan, evaluating learning management systems (LMS), and assessing tools for creating both synchronous and asynchronous content. ****

Upon completion of this course, you will have a more in-depth understanding of the key technical and human considerations that go into online course creation, preparing you to lead course development with confidence.

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  • Associated skills: Learning Management Systems, Needs Assessment, Course Development, Planning, Strategic Planning, Digital Learning Technology, Online Course Development

What you'll learn

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  • Learn how to conduct a needs assessment and form a strategic plan for online course development;
  • Identify, appraise and implement appropriate learning tools, technology, systems and communication channels;
  • Gain an understanding of the key program development elements and considerations such as modes of delivery, pace, and scheduling;

  • Learn how to effectively manage your team when launching an online course or program, including leading through change and transition, distinguishing team member roles, and instilling appropriate team and instructor training and support.

This course is part of Online Teaching for Educators: Development and Delivery Professional Certificate Program

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