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University_of_TorontoX: Health Professional Teaching Skills – Level 3 - Professionalism

This education and teacher training course discusses professionalism in the health professions teaching contexts and practices.
4 weeks
1–2 hours per week
Instructor-led on a course schedule
This course is archived

About this course

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This course focuses on professionalism for health professions teachers. It addresses the issues clinical teachers face in a digital world by looking at implications of social media accounts and online profiles. Professionalism will also be discussed in the context of role-modeling along with looking at the value of role-modeling in clinical education.

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  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills:Teaching, Professionalism

What you'll learn

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  • Impact of role-modeling on learners
  • Monitoring and managing your online presence

Level 3 – Professionalism

Week 1: Role-Modeling: A Powerful Teaching Tool
This module provides an overview of the value of role modeling in the context of clinical education. It will also present the five characteristics of a good role model and provide an opportunity for self-evaluation of personal role-modeling styles.

Week 2: Role-Modeling: Always On
This module introduces learners to role modeling outside of a traditional teaching environment and the concept of negative role modeling. A reflection exercise is provided that demonstrates negative role modeling in a non-traditional teaching environment.

Week 3: Digital Privacy and Professionalism - 1
This module discusses ways to protect personal information when on the internet or using social media. Be accessible to students or patients without crossing professional boundaries or revealing too much about you.

Week 4: Digital Privacy and Professionalism - 2
This module introduces general principles that will help protect data and electronic communications when working online. Become a more effective steward of sensitive information in this digital age.

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